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During her appearance in the Tekken series, Kunimitsu has had a range of outfits. Purple seems to be the dominant colour for Kunimitsu, as she has always had a purple outfit since Tekken.


Kunimitsu's appearance in Tekken was nearly identical to Yoshimitsu's. She had the same demon like mask as him, and possessed all of his moves with the exception of unblockables. Her player 1 outfit is a purple body suit with dark grey gloves, a grey belt and boots that end below the knees. Underneath she wears a black top. Also she carries two daggers in her hands, but she cannot use them.

Her Player 1 outfit in Tekken.
Her Player 2 outfit in Tekken.

Her player 2 costume is a simple palette swap of her first one. She wears a light brown body suit with a black under top and the same boots and gloves. The only difference is she has a light, possibly white belt and holds two sickles in each hand. Again, she cannot actually use these while fighting.

Tekken 2[edit]

In Tekken 2 Kunimitsu received a major change. She is now easily identifiable as a female, and is equipped with a dagger which can now be used in combat. She now has a female voice replacing Yoshimitsu's one used in the former game.

Kunimitsu's hair is coloured red and is divided into two ponytails, each with a yellow band around them. Covering her face is a white fox mask with yellow inside the ears. The dagger she carries has a blue handle.

Her Player 1 outfit in Tekken 2.
Her Player 2 outfit in Tekken 2.

Her player 1 costume consists of a dark pink sleeveless top over a purple body suit, purple gloves, and baggy purple trousers tucked under light striped socks. Her shoes are the same colour as her top and have white soles.

Her player 2 costume is identical to her player 1 costume, however instead of pink and purple being the prominent colours, it is red over brown.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

In Tekken Tag Tournament, Kunimitsu's player 1 and 2 costumes remain unchanged, however her hair is a natural brown (official artwork shows her with red hair, but it is brown in-game). Additionally, she now has a third costume, exclusive to this game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Kunimitsu got a revamped design.