Lars Alexandersson

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Lars Alexandersson
Origin Sweden.png Sweden
Voiced By Junichi Suwabe (T6-TTT2, SFxTK, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2)
Jack Calabrisi (SFxTK)
Fighting Style Shorinji Karate (TTT2)[1]
Military Based Martial Arts
Age Unknown [2]
Blood Type Unknown
Height 183cm (6' 0")
Weight 77kg (170 lbs)
Occupation Rebel leader, former Tekken Force Officer
Hobby Unknown
Likes Alisa Bosconovitch
his adoptive older brother
his partner
his best friend
Nina Williams
his half-nephew for saving the world
Dislikes His older half-brother
his father


Lars Alexandersson (ラース・アレクサンダーソン Rāsu Arekusandāson) is a character in the series. He was introduced in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. He is the main protagonist of Tekken 6 and it's side game, the Scenario Campaign mode, along with Alisa Bosconovitch. He has sandy brown hair that is spiked up vertically. His first outfit consists of a red and black armored suit, along with a black cape and a metal emblem of a lion on his chest. His second outfit consists of brown shoes, white pants, a dark gray jacket with a large white design on the top part and an extended collar, and red gloves. Also, Lars has a mobile phone that he talks into, and he speaks Japanese. Lars' tagline is "The one who betrayed his own in order to build a new era." ([3]). The Mishima Zaibatsu started a war against the world. The rise of the G Corporation opposition resulted in a global trail of carnage. In the fray, a large portion of the Zaibatsu's special military unit, the Tekken Force, defected from the organization. Lars Alexandersson led the coup d'état and became a ranking officer in the Tekken Force at a fairly young age due, in part, to his renowned physical and mental ability. Despite this high rank, Lars often fought on the front lines, which made him quite popular among his subordinates. Only he knew the fact that he drew the Mishima bloodline through his father, Heihachi Mishima. Even Heihachi was not aware of this piece of information. Lars is also the biological half-brother of Kazuya Mishima and adopted brother of Lee Chaolan, the grandson of Jinpachi Mishima and the half-uncle of Jin Kazama.

Lars, has a heroic personality as he lead the coup d'etat into defeating the Mishima Zaibatsu, he has the fighting spirit and determanation of his half-nephew, Jin Kazama, he also has the charisma of his adopted half brother Lee, he is the complete oppisite to Heihachi and Kazuya in terms of personality. He strongly resembles Jin Kazama at times. Lars's actions and surroundings fit the mold of a arch-typical hero. Lars's personality ranges from calm to angry at various moments, and his words and actions are of a soldier. Lars's point is to defeat Jin and declare peace, Lars's is somewhat a second hero after Jin.

Games in order of appearance:

Other appearances:


Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Lars, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (arcade) and Tekken 6 (console)
Tekken 6 screenshot: Lars VS Lars


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Prologue (In-Game Text - PSP Version)
The Mishima Zaibatsu started a war against the world. As the rise of the G Corporation brought carnage across the world, a large portion of the Zaibatsu's special military unit, the Tekken Force, defected from the organization. Lars led the coup d'état. With an uncommonly high physical and mental ability, Lars became a ranking oficer in the Tekken Force at a young age. Despite his high rank, Lars often fought on the front lines. This, along with his charismatic personality, made him popular among his subordinates. Only he knows that he is a descendant of none other than Heihachi Mishima. Not even Heihachi is aware of this fact.
Epilogue (In-Game Text)
Thanks to the support of a mysterious investor, Lars was able to found a private military company dubbed "Yggdrasil" in Northern Europe, as a place of stay for his rebel army. -Several months later- An elite squad under Lars' command was attempting a raid on a Mishima Zaibatsu military complex.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Lars' ending is the beginning of the Scenario Campaign, in the ending coup'deat soldier's are battling the tekken force then Lars come and destroys every last Tekken force soldier and end's the animation saying "It Begins". After the animation Lars and his soldier's break into Doctor Bosconovitch's lab and fight a secret squad of the Mishima Zaibatsu, The Jack's.
Scenario Campaign (Unofficial Synopsis)
Lars Alexandersson plays an important role in this mode, most likely the protagonist of the story. During a mission attacking G-Corp, a JACK detonates killing everyone in his squad beut him, however he loses his memory. He meets a female cyborg named Alisa Bosconovitch. She is shown slumbering in a capsule. Suddenly, G Corporation's Jack-6 robots attack both Alisa and Lars. He attacks a robot and Alisa also retaliates by using her chainsaws to saw off a JACK robot. Some time later, Lars faces aganist Hehachi and regains his memories and informs Hehachi that he is his illegitimate son. Then, later in the game mode, they meet Lee Chaolan who is the adoptive brother of Lars Alexandersson. Lee is against Kazuya Mishima and G Corporation, just like Lars and Alisa.
Near the end, Jin Kazama, his boss nephew explains about the chaos he started around the world. It was a theory by a woman named Zafina. She said that Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima are the two evil stars of the Devil Gene to awaken Azazel. They both came into combat contact, awakening his spirit. He said that he must put an end to the Mishima Bloodline and save the world from Azazel's existence. Suddenly, Golden Azazel emerges in front of Lars and Jin.
Jin expected this and performed a strong punch towards Azazel's chest (where is known to have been placed by the mysterious orb that seemingly keeps Azazel alive). However, Jin and Azazel fall to their deaths. Later, Nina Williams explains to him about Jin's plot for world domination with the Mishima Zaibatsu and leaves on a Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter. Lars leaves the Mishima Zaibatsu and is aquired with a new job with his new partner Raven. Later, after a bit scene of the credits, Raven's crew reported that they discover the body of Jin Kazama, which was buried in the sand naked. According to his status, it's unknown whether Jin is dead or alive.


  • The rebel army that he leads is called Yggdrasil, which is based from the tree of the same name in Norse cosmology which was said to have been visited by Norse gods daily.
  • He can be customized to have the hair of Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series.

Spin-offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Gallery - Outfit

Lars' CG art image
Lars and Heihachi

Lars will be featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


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Story (From Wii U Edition)

With an uncommonly hight physical and mental ability, Lars became a ranking officer in the Mishima Zaibatsu's special military unit, the Tekken Force, at young age. As the Mishima Zaibatsu started a war against the world, and the rise of the G Corporation brought carnage across the world, Lars questioned Jin Kazama's ways, and led a coup d'état with half the Tekken Force. Only he knows that he carries Heihachi Mishima's blood in his veins[3].


Lars and his family (Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi, Asuka and Jun) are all gathered around a table for dinner. Once the food is ready, they all proceed to eat at a ridiculous speed, except for Lars who is unable to retrieve anything from the dish. Everyone then puts their chopsticks in the dish at the same time, causing a boiled egg to shoot into the air. Lars is just about to grab the egg when everyone destroys it with their chopsticks as they reach for it. Everyone is full from the meal except for Lars and when he looks into the pot containing all the food, there is none left and he is still starving. Lars then realises that he was dreaming all along and wakes up surrounded by Tekken Force troops. One of them asks if he had a bad dream, to which Lars responds with "No, it was a nightmare". Lars's stomach rumbles and he asks if there is anything to eat.


  • He has a special tag throw with Alisa where he will perform SHB, Alisa will then kick the opponent from behind and now attack simultaneously
  • He has a special tag throw with Lee When he'll perform SHB and knocks the opponent up while Lee performs Axle Throw.
  • He has a special tag throw with Heihachi when he will perform SHB into Heihachi's Demon Breath.
  • His item move has him slash the opponent with a sword.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Lars, Street Fighter X Tekken
Lars vs Guile

Prologue (In-Game Text)

As the former charismatic leader of the Tekken Force, Lars staged an uprising from within the Mishima Zaibatsu. Now he is determined to destroy Pandora to prevent any imminent war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadaloo.

Lars: We can't allow Pandora's Box to fall into anyone's hands. Even if that means destroying it.

Alisa: At your service.

In order to prevent both organizations from obtaining Pandora's Box, Lars calls upon Alisa Boskonovitch to aid him in the mission.

Lars: Watch yourself Alisa, we're heading into hostile territory.

Alisa: Understood.

Rival Battle

As Lars is walking he notices and catches a wobbling Alisa, who informs him that her battery was now low and needed to recharge. Suddenly Lars sees Blanka producing electrical charges and asks him for help, but Blanka angrily calls Lars a stranger and thinks Lars is a bad man. Alisa and Lars now decide to beat him and Sakura first before recharging Alisa.


Lars and Alisa find Pandora. Lars attempts to damage the box by hitting it but fails to even scratch it. Alisa also attempts by throwing her head and detonating it at the box, successfully destroying. This leaves a confused Lars to say "Mission Accomplished".

Tekken Revolution

Gallery - Outfit

Lars alongside the other seven starting characters.
Lars facing off against Kazuya.

Lars is featured in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution as one of the starting eight characters. As with the rest of the cast, his appearance and moveset are carried over directly from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Inductance: d/b+1+2.
Shadow Cutter: d/b+4.
Wind Liger: b+1+2.
Lightning Screw: u/f+3.
Storm Axle: u/f+4.


Character Trivia

  • A vast majority of Lars' moves are named after military terms or terms used in the field of electronics and electromagnetism. His fighting style has been confirmed as Karate by Namco[4].
  • He shares some physical similarities with Siegfried Schtauffen, a character of the Soulcalibur series, another fighting game series by Namco.
  • Despite being Swedish, Lars speaks Japanese in all movie sequences making him one of the few Tekken characters to not speak their native language.
  • Lars is a playable character in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 ([5]). He is wearing the outfit that was designed for him by Masashi Kishimoto ([6]).
  • Fans have compared him to Dragonball's main protagonist, Goku, aside from the obvious hair resemblances, most of his moves are reminiscent of Goku, like Ark Blast(f+1+2), Tesla Gravity (d+3,1), Outpost Blitz (d/f+3=3).
  • In Sakura and Blanka's rival battle against him and Alisa he is mistakenly called "Red Warrior Bakori Man".
  • Lars is Swedish for Laurence.
  • Lars, in recent times, has a meme of his own during Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which was "#BuffLars". The main spawning of this meme occurred when some of Lars' command list had been examined, and many of his key moves from Tekken 6: BR had been nerfed (Reduced range, tracking, etc). This led to a surge of fans and players jokingly requesting for Lars to be buffed in future installments.


Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
Something's came up. I'll contact you later. We have injured. Send a medic.
Fine. proceed as planned. There's no way you can stop me.
You think you can stop me? I'm finished here.
You look like you know a thing or two. Understood. I'm on my way.
I think you should move out of the way. Alright, I'm on my way.
Don't think you can escape.
Get out of my way!
Damn. One after another...

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

No need to go easy on me.
You think you can stop us?
I'm counting on you.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-fight Win-quote
Very well, let's go! Alisa, are you alright!? I'll treat your wounds...
Alisa, we'll eat once we're finished here. You can become stronger if you try. I look forward to fighting you again.
You are very, very far from having the perfect body.
Don’t move, or else my comrades will be forced to detain you.
Eddy? Where have I heard that name before?
The time has finally arrived. Say your prayers, Heihachi Mishima.
You will never be able to defeat Jin Kazama. That privilege is mine!
Hm, strange. Despite being a new model, you still have the same tactics as the previous iterations.
Jin Kazama, this is where you meet your end!
Other fighters would do well not to underestimate you… You are no ordinary woman, that’s for sure.
Your quest for power ends here. Don’t worry, I’ll make your end quick and painless.
Finally, a capable fighter. Not only are you fast and powerful, but you have quick wits in battle.
Sorry, but I don't have any trout for you to snack on.
Alright, simulation is over. That wasn’t so bad. (Vs himself)
I'll pass on your little get rich quick scheme. I simply have no interest.
Are you alright? I thought that fight would have taken more time...
I must admit you are strong, but you are not without your weak points. You are full of faults.
You’re a tough customer. I should’ve expected as much from a pro wrestler.
Next time, if you don’t hold back, I won’t hold back.
My power was barely enough to contain you. I must become stronger so this does not happen again.
I don’t wish to impede on whatever plans you have, but don’t get in my way again.
Interesting moves you have there. Too bad they weren’t enough to beat me.
Your mistake was getting ahead of yourself. Think about your opponent fight, and not on your ‘certain’ victory.
My apologies… Fate has determined that I would stop Jin Kazama. (Vs Xiaoyu)
That blade is dangerous. I’ll take that from you so it doesn’t cause any more suffering.

Character Relationships

Jinpachi Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Kazumi Mishima
Lars Alexandersson
Lee Chaolan / Violet
Kazuya Mishima
Jun Kazama
Asuka's father
Jin Kazama
Asuka Kazama