Devil's Pit

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Devil's Pit
T7FR Devil's Pit.jpg
BG Music Volcano 1st (First Phase), Volcano 2nd (Second Phase), KAZUMI's Theme (Kazumi's first phase), Devil KAZUMI (Kazumi's second phase), Abandoned Temple Final 1st (Kazumi's first phase with Akuma)
Walls Yes (First Phase), No (Second Phase)
Multi Tier Yes
Flat Yes

Devil's Pit is a stage in Tekken 7 which serves as the location of the fight against the game's final boss, Kazumi Mishima. The stage's location contains an active volcano erupting nearby, with flowing lava, while the players fight in an arena made of rocks formed from the lava. Occasionally, rocks flung from the volcano's continuous eruptions can be seen flying around. When one character is one round away from victory, the walls are destroyed by the eruptions. In the game's arcade mode, Kazumi will destroy the walls herself by summoning a fireball from the sky.


  • This is the only stage where the transition effects affect the entire stage.
  • On the home versions of Tekken 7, if the player plays through Arcade Battle as Akuma and gets Kazumi as the final boss, his first phase theme (Abandoned Temple Final 1st) will replace her normal first phase theme (KAZUMI's Theme).
  • This stage currently has the most amount of BGMs exclusive to it with 5 possible themes.
  • In Treasure Battle mode, even if Devil Kazumi is fought here, Devil's Pit still uses its normal BGMs instead of Kazumi's.
  • On the home versions of Tekken 7, Devil's Pit sometimes lacks its stage transition, particularly during Treasure Battle mode and if encountered as a stage prior to Stage 5.
  • Devil Kazumi will always be fought here during special battles in Treasure Battle.