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Tekken 7[edit]

T7 P1: She has a red ribbon hair accessory. She wears a yellow v-neck midriff with a white flower designs on the edge of her baggy sleeves on her red bikini top underneath, And a light blue and red short skirt with a matching designs and four straps in each side of her skirt and a red v-belt to her waist with sun buckles and brown warrior flats with sun designs in her knee and ankles. She also wears blue short shorts underneath her light blue skirt. And Josie also wears a golden dangling sun necklace, matching golden sun earrings and several golden bracelets on both of her wrists. The color scheme (red, blue, white and yellow) of her outfit matches the Philippine flag. Player 2 outfit which her top is light blue, her skirt is now red and white, her short shorts are now dark blue and her warrior flats are brown.