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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

Lee Chaolan/Tekken Tag Tournament Moves List is a list of all of the moves that Lee Chaolan can perform in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Mist Trap Throw b+3,3~4 Front 33 None #1
Forearm Drop 1+3 Front 30 1
Headlock Punch 2+4 Front 30 2
Lee Harassment 1+3(or 2+4) Left 40 1
Lee Stunner 1+3(or 2+4) Right 38 1
Face Crusher 1+3(or 2+4) Behind 45 None
Knee Drive f,F+3+4 Front 28 2
Scan Kick Throw 3 Front 34 None #2
  1. While enemy is guarding
  2. From "Hitman" stance


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Left Right Combo 1,2 5,12 hh
Shaolin Spin Kicks 4,3,4 16,12,12 hhh JGc
Hitman1 3+4 0 None
From 1 Freaker Jab 1 (1,1,1,...) Hitman 15 h
From 1 Scatter Blow 2 Hitman 23 m JG
From 1 Shin Slicer 4 Hitman 22 L CS,BS
Left Jab Rush 1,1,1,1,1 5,5,5,5,5 hhhhh MS #1
Lee Knuckle Combo 2,2 6,10 hh
Rave War Combo F+2,2,2 6,5,10 hmh
Laser Edge Kick Combo D+4,4,4,4 7,5,5,21 lllm KND
Triple Head Kick2 3,3,3 18,10,10 hhh KND
During 2 Mid Kick Combo F+3 18,10,15 hhm
During 2 Feint Hammer B+3 18,10,19 hhh
Silver Whip f+4 7 h MS
Silver Heel b+4 22 m JGc
Silver Low d+3 8 l
Mid Kick d/f+3 18 m
Bump Kick d/b+3 16 L
Quick Silver Sting u/f+3 20 h KND
Silver Sting f+3+4 30 h KND
Left Splits Kick f,F+3 23 m KND
Lee Cutter b,B+4 19 h KND
Triple Fang b+1,1,2 8,8,15 hmh
Blazing Kick d,D/B+4 22 m JG
Mist Kick d+3 18 m
Mist Wolf Combination b+3,3 18 h
Shin to Head Kick d+4,N,4 7,20 lh
Machinegun Kicks 4,4,4 16,8,10 hhh
Laser Edge Machinegun Kick d+4,N,4,4,4 7,20,8,? dhhh
Fake D,u 0 None
Rear Cross Punch SS+2 17 h MS
Lee Screw Right SSL+4 24 h KND
Less Screw Left SSR+3 30 h KND
Silver Tail (FC+d/f+4_d,d/f+4) 18 L MSc
Catapult Kick Low D,u/f+4 25 m JG
Catapult Kick High D,U/F+4 30 m KND
Catapult Drop D,U/F+3+4 30 M KND
Mist Step f,N 0 None
Crescent Kick 4,u+3 16,30 hm KND
Somersault b,b,N,3+4 0 None
Spinning Side Kick f,f,N,3+4 15 L KND, JGc
Shredder Kick Combo High f,f,N,3,4,4 20,12,12 mmh JG
Shredder Kick Combo Mid f,f,N,3,4,f+4 20,12,7 mmm JG
Shredder Kick Combo Low f,f,N,3,4,d+4 20,12,7 mmL JG
Infinite Kick Chain3 WS+3,3,D+3,N,3,3... 10,17,15,10... mmlm...
From 3 Low Variation D+3,3... 15,10... lm...
From 3 High Variation U+3,3... 15,10... hm...
Sliding FC+d/f,d,D/F+3 17 L
Supercharger 1+2+3+4 0 None
  1. Last hit is a Minor Stun.

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4 10 88 mhmhhlhhhm


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Silver Fang d/b+1+2 100  ! KND
Silver Cyclone d+3+4 80 (!) KND
Shin to Silver Cyclone d+4:3+4 7,80 l(!) KND
Silver Tail to Silver Fang (FC+d/f+4_d,d/f+4)~2~2~1 18,18,27 l!! KND,#1
  1. This move can only be performed if Lee is partnered with Kazuya.

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