Stubs are very short articles that don't have much text in them. You'll know if they're a stub if they have a stub template that looks like this:

Ling (AZU icon).gif This article is a stub (short article) and you can help Tekkenpedia by expanding it.

If you want to expand the stub, click on "expanding it" or click on edit. Stubs are only under the article namespace. If you see a project page, template, talk page, MediaWiki project or anything else that is short, that doesn't make it a stub. If you're not sure which namespace the page you're looking at is under, scroll to the top of the screen and next to the "discussion" button will say one of the follwing:

  • article
  • project page
  • user page
  • MediaWiki
  • help

Once again, stubs are only in the article namespace. If you see an article with very little text in it and it does not have a stub template in it, please put one in it.

Good luck and happy editing!