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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

True Ogre/Tekken Tag Tournament Movelist is a list of all the moves that True Ogre can perform in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Body Slam 1+3 Front 30 1
Bear Hug 2+4 Front 35 2
Ankle Slam (1+3_2+4) Left 50 1
Hanging Neck Throw (1+3_2+4) Right 40 2
Swing Swung (1+3_2+4) Behind 70 None
Reverse Throw BT+(1+3_2+4) Any Depends on type 2
Spin Behind Elbow Smash d/f,D/F+2+4 Front 35 2
Demon's Feast FC+D/F... Front 30 1 #1
  1. User must be moving foward in a full crouch and hit by an enemy's punch for this move to execute


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Demon Slayer Variations 1,2,2 5,15,18 hhh
Demon Slayer 2,2 12,21 hh
Demon Variations Flash Punch Combo 1,1,2 5,8,15 hhm KND
Power Punch f+2 28 m KND
Right Splits Kick f+4 27 m KNDc
Double Elbow d/f+1,2 16,10 mm
Buffalo Horn d/f+1+2 25 M JG
Mid Tail Spinner d/f+3+4 25 m KND
Double Tail Spinner d/f+3+4,3+4 25,? mm KND
Low Tail Spinner d+3+4 25 L KND
Evil Wheel u+3+4 25 m GB
Shoulder Tackle f+1+4 30 m KND,GB
Windmill Kick u/b+3 20 m JG
Windmill Kick to Toothfairy u/b+3,2 [~5] 20,20 mm JG,#1
Blazing Kick d,d/b+4 [~5] 30 m KND,JGc
Hunting Hawk u/f+3,4,3 15,11,12 mmh KND,GB,#2
Demented Snake FC+3,3,3 [~5] 12,19,25 LLm JG
Snake Kick FC+3,3,d+3 12,19,7 LLL
Shin to Head Kick d+4,N,4 7,20 lh
Demon Scissors 4~3 25 M KND
Left Splits Kick f,F+3 23 m KND
Foot Bazooka f,F+4 35 h KND,GB
Medium Power Punch f,F+1+2 25 m KND
Exploder f,F+3+4 40 m KND,GB
Spinning Slide Kick f,f,N,3+4 15 L KND
Hammer Heel f,f,N,4 20 M KND
Knuckle Bomb u/f+1+2 35 m KND
Jump to Double Knuckle u/f,N,1+2 35 m KND
Crouching Jab FC+d/f+2 25 L KND
Groin Punch FC+f+2 30 M CFc
Slap FC+f+1 30 m KND
Azteca Shoot SS+4 22 L KND
Heavy Body Blow WS+2 37 m CF,#3
Tsunami Kick WS+4,4 13,18 mm
Tornado Kick WS+3+4 28 h KND
Infinity Kick Combo1 WS+3,3,D+3,3... 10,25,15,10... mmlm...
From 1Infinity Kick Combo Low D+3... 10... l...
From 1Infinity Kick Combo High U+3... 15 m
Supercharger 1+2+3+4 0 None
  1. Second hit is very unlikely to connect
  2. Third hit cannot be executed without a successful second hit
  3. Without a clean hit, there is no Crumple Fall property and the move does 25 damage

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range

There are no known string hits that True Ogre can perform.


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Hell's Flame 1+2 30 [!] CF
Blazing Inferno d+1+2 40 (!) CF
Deadly Slice b+2 22  ! KND
Bloody Scissors d/b+1+1 50  ! KND
Killing Blow b+3+2 60  ! KND
Owl's Hunt KND+(3+4_u+3+4_d+3+4) 40 (!) KND,#1
Serpent's Venom f,F+2 15,20 m! KND,#2
Dragon Power Punch b,B+1+2 100  ! KND
Deadly Slash f,f,N,2 25  ! KND
Super Knuckle Bomb u/f+1+2,D 45 [!] KND
Burning Double Knuckle u/f,N,1+2,D 45 [!] KND
  1. Pressing u or d will cause True Ogre to "sidestep" in the corresponding direction during the move
  2. The first hit can be blocked, and the second unblockable hit can be avoided by sidestepping or backdashing

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