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Armor King/Tekken Moves List is a list of all of the moves that the character Armor King can perform in the video game Tekken.

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Moves List[edit]

  1. Two Jab: Square Triangle.
  2. Jab Uppercut: Triangle Square (or East Triangle Square.).
  3. Two Jab Uppercut: Square Triangle Square.
  4. Two Jab Uppercut to Elbow Sting: Square Triangle Square Square.
  5. Two Jab Uppercut to Elbow Sting to Smashing Hook: Square Triangle Square Square Triangle.
  6. Jab Uppercut to Elbow Sting: East Triangle Square Square.
  7. Jab Uppercut to Elbow Sting to Smashing Hook: East Triangle Square Square Triangle.
  8. Elbow Sting: Southeast Square.
  9. Smashing Hook: Southeast Triangle.
  10. Exploder: East East X + Circle.
  11. Running Exploder: East East East X + Circle.
  12. Head First Lunge: East East Square + Triangle.
  13. Konvict Kick: East East Circle.
  14. K's Flicker: East East Triangle.
  15. Stomach Smash: East East (Neutral) Triangle.
  16. Capital Punishment: Northeast Square + Triangle.
  17. Jumping Knee Drop: Northeast X + Circle.
  18. Elbow Drop: Northeast Triangle + Circle.
  19. High Elbow Drop: North + Triangle. (Only while the opponent is on the ground.).
  20. Rising Uppercut: East (Neutral) South Southeast Triangle.
  21. Dragon Uppercut: East (Neutral) South Southeast Square.
  22. 9-Hit Combo: East Triangle Square Square Triangle Circle Circle Circle Square X.
  23. 10-Hit Combo: Square Triangle Square Square Triangle Circle Circle Circle Square X.
  24. Jab Uppercut 2: South Square (Neutral) Triangle.
  25. Taurus Cutter: (While crouching) Southeast Circle.
  26. Stagger Kicks: (While crouching) Southeast Circle Circle Circle.
  27. Crouching Uppercut: (While rising) East (hold) Triangle.
  28. Knee Bash: Square + X.
  29. Suplex: Triangle + Circle.
  30. Jaguar Screwdriver: Triangle + Circle South South South (Hold the button down) Square + Triangle.
  31. DDT: Southwest Southwest Square + Triangle.
  32. Giant Swing: East West Southwest South Southeast East Square (or East Northeast North Northwest West Southwest South Southeast East Square.).
  33. Frankensteiner: Southeast X + Circle.
  34. Tombstone Piledriver: Southwest East Square + Triangle.
  35. Pile Driver: South Southeast East Square.

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