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Command u/b+1+2
Damage 100
Hit Range  !
Move Frames Hit Advantage
75 KD
Block Advantage CH Advantage

Avenger, also refered to as Eighth Gate of Hell in some circles and as Direct Thrust (直突き chokutsuki) in Japan, is an Unblockable used by Jin Kazama and was introduced in Tekken 4 and appeared in other games. It can be cancelled by pressing b,b. If it connects, the player has enough time to use supercharger, though this is rarely advised.


There is no point in which it would be an advantage to use Avenger, and it is therefore never used in high or even mid level play. As with most other Unblockables with long animations, though not all, it is only ever used to get a flashy victory against low level players who panic and freeze when they notice the animation, or against Turtle-style player who rarely back-dash and are unable to effectively switch to offense.

Theoretically, it could be used to lure in some players by initiating the move, but cancelling it before it can be interrupted, however, the potential risk and frame disadvantage of doing this far outweighs the possibilities.

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