Front Thrust Kick

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Front Thrust Kick
Command f+4
Damage 21
Hit Range m
Properties KSc
Move Frames Hit Advantage
16 +4
Block Advantage CH Advantage
-6 KD

Front Thrust Kick is a move introduced to Jin Kazama in Tekken 4.

When to use

This move is arguably Jin's longest range poke, with good counter hit properties. So it can be used as a keep-out move. For example, as the opponent tries to close in for an attack, do Front Thrust Kick, it will most likely counter hit the opponent, allowing a juggle for good damage (~60 in DR).

The properties (range, juggle on CH) of this move have been toned down in Tekken 6, so it is not used as much by Jin players nowadays. Nevertheless, it still remains a good move to use.

This move also hits grounded opponents when their feet is away from Jin, or if they attempt to sideroll on the ground.

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