Geta Stomp

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Geta Stomp
Command d+4
Damage 25 (T2-T3, TTT)
24 (T4 onwards)
Hit Range L
Move Frames Hit Advantage
Block Advantage CH Advantage

Geta Stomp, called Demon/Ogre Geta (鬼下駄 onigeta) in the Japanese version, is a move which originally made its debut in Tekken 2. Back then however, it was named Geta Stomping in the US and EU versions, a name that remained until Tekken Tag Tournament. It was originally only part of Heihachi Mishima's move list, however, in Tekken 4, Kazuya Mishima gained a similar, albeit weaker, move named Oni Stomp. The move is only usable when the opponent is knocked of their feet.


  • In Tekken 2, there is a bug in the code which lets Heihachi stomp while facing the wrong way. It makes a generic punch sound in Tekken 2 if it connects, but in later games it makes a wooden sound (even if Heihachi isn't wearing his Geta). In the PlayStation version of Tekken 3, it makes a 'clonk' instead of the usual sound (it fixes itself on the replay however, and Heihachi also yells something at this moment).