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The Tekkenpedia is a large and complicated wiki and figuring out how to edit it correctly can be a complex process. This help page is designed to give you an insight on where to start.


[edit] Using MediaWiki

The Tekkenpedia uses MediaWiki to drive the website. MediaWiki is the some software used on Wikipedia so the Tekkenpedia shares the same editing syntax. The best place to learn wiki code is the MediaWiki Editing pages article.

[edit] Editing the Tekkenpedia

The Tekkenpedia is a now a very "complete" wiki. That means (with the exception of a few areas) that most articles don't change or need to be changed very often. The Tekken story is essentially finished until the next release of a game in the series. Don't let this hold you back from making changes and fixing mistakes, they certainly exist, rather first discuss your proposed changes to the article with other users on the articles talk page.

The exception to this rule is the move pages for the characters, this section is new to the wiki and needs the most work and ideas contributed to it. Feel free to be experimental.

[edit] Canon and Non-canon

All Tekken installments and spin off games are considered canon. The Tekken move (both anime and live action) are considered non-canon. Any spin off comics, card games etc are non-canon. It is encouraged that non-canon related Tekken information is added to the wiki however it should not be included in the characters "official" information and should be clearly marked.

[edit] Page Templages

The Tekkenpedia uses a series of page templates to make information consitent, you can find out more about these here:

[edit] Where to Start Editing!?

If you can't figure out where to start editing, have a look at the following special pages:

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