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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

Kazuya Mishima/Tekken 4 Movelist is a list of all the moves Kazuya Mishima can perform in Tekken 4.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Double Face Kick F+2+4 Front 10,20 2
Hip Toss 2+4 Front 30 2
Stonehead f,f+1+2 Front 33 1+2 #1
Position Change 1+3+(f_d_b_u) Any 0 1
Ultimate Tackle1 (FC_d)+1+2 Front 5 Tackles
from 1Ultimate Punches 1,2,1,(2,1_1,2) 5,5,5,5,5 Tackles
from 1Ultimate Punches 2,1,2,(1,2_2,1) 5,5,5,5,5 Tackles
Steel Pedal Drop (2+4_F+2+4) Left 40 1
Skull Smash (2+4_F+2+4) Right 40 2
Reverse Neck Throw (2+4_F+2+4) Back 50 None

#1 Can be tech rolled.


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Roundhouse b+4 18 h CS
Flash punch combo 1,1,2 5,8,18 hhm
Demon Slayer 1,2,2 5,10,18 hhh
Twin Fang Stature Smash 1,2,4 5,10,17 hhL
Soul Thrust f+2 30 m GB
Entrails Smash d/f+1 15 m MS
Aboloshing Fist d/f+2 21 m MS,JG
Devastator d/f+1,f+2 15,18 mm
Overlord Strike b+2 25 h MS
Skull Splitter b+1 18 m
Twin Pistons WS+1,2 12,15 mm JG
Glorious Demon Fist f+1+2 25 m
Soul Annihilator f+1+2,f+2 25,18 mm
Jaw Breaker SS+1+2 18 h
Demon Backhand Spin 2,2 12,21 hh
Demon Cutter f,f+2 23 m
Spiral Backfist b,b+2 25 h
Demon God Fist WS+2 25 m #3
Demon Slash Kick f,N,d,d/f+3 35 h GB,KND
Heel Drop d/f+4,4 10,18 mm
Heel Drop WS+4,4 13,18 mm
Front Kick to Jab 3,1 18,5 hh
Left splits kick f,f+3 25 m JG
Leaping Slash Kick (f,f,f_WR)+3 30 m GB
Demon's Wrath b+3,1,4,1 17,10,12,17 hhLm KND
Demon Scissors 4~3 KND 25 M
Rise Spin Kick WS+3 28 h KND
Right splits kick f+4 27 m KS
Spinning Demon f,N,d,D/F,4,4 12,12 LL BS,JG
Spinning Demon f,N,d/f,4,4 12,12 LL JG
Oni Stomp d+4 18 L #2
Stature Smash d/b+4 17 l
Hop Kick u/f,N+4 25 m
Roundhouse to triple spin kick U/F+4,4,4,4 25,15,12,25 hLLm BS,KND
Mist Step f,N 0
Hell Lancer f,N,d/f+3 23 h GB
Electric Wind Godfist f,N,d~d/f+2 25 h JG
Rising Uppercut f,N,D/F+2 25 h JG,GB
Dragon Uppercut2 f,N,(d,D/F_D/F)+1 29 m #1
from 2Dragon uppercut to spinning low kick 4 12 L
from 2Dragon uppercut to middle kick 3 20 m

#1When the hit is clean damage is 43 and opponent is knocked down.

#2 Opponent must be knocked down in order to do the move.

# 3 Fall back stun on clean hit.

10 Strings[edit]

Command Damage Hit Range
f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1 7,8,6,7,6,11,5,5,8,30 hhhhmmLhmm
f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 7,8,6,7,6,11,5,5,25,30 hhhhmmLLm!
f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1 7,6,7,10,5,7,5,25,30 hhmmSmmLm!


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Lightning Uppercut b+1+4 40 ! KND
Lightning Screw Uppercut B+1+4 80 ! KND

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