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Lee/Tekken 1 Moves List is a list of all of the moves that Lee Chaolan can perform in Tekken, the first game in the Tekken series.

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Moves List[edit]

  1. Left Right Combo: Square Triangle.
  2. Left Punch to Lee Knuckle Combo: Square Triangle Triangle.
  3. Left Punch to Rave War Combo: Square East Triangle Triangle Triangle (or East Square Triangle Triangle Triangle).
  4. Five Rapid Jabs: East Square Square Square Square Square.
  5. Five Rapid Jabs to Lee Knuckle Combo: (During Five Rapid Jabs) Triangle Triangle.
  6. Five Rapid Jabs to Rave War Combo: (During Five Rapid Jabs) East Triangle Triangle Triangle.
  7. Lee Knuckle Combo: Triangle Triangle.
  8. Rave War Combo: East Triangle Triangle Triangle.
  9. Shaolin Spin Kick: Circle X Circle.
  10. Crescent Kick: Circle North X.
  11. Left Splits Kick: East East (hold) X.
  12. Lee Sliding: East East Neutral X + Circle.
  13. Silver Fang: Southwest Square + Triangle (North North will cancel this move).
  14. Shin Kick: South Circle.
  15. Shin to Head Kick: South Circle Neutral Circle.
  16. Shin to Crescent Kick: South Circle Neutral Circle North X.
  17. Shin to Shaolin Spin Kick: South Circle Neutral Circle X Circle.
  18. Laser Edge Kick Combo: South Circle Circle Circle Circle.
  19. Triple Head Kick: X X X.
  20. Mid Kick Variation: (During Triple Head Kick) East (hold) X.
  21. Silver Low: South X.
  22. Four Kick Combo: South X X X X.
  23. Four Kick Combo to Mid Kick: (During Four Kick Combo) East (hold) X.
  24. Mid Kick: Southeast X.
  25. Hop Kick: Northeast Circle (or North Circle) (or Northwest Circle).
  26. Somersault: West West West.
  27. Fake: South (hold) North (or South (hold) Northeast) (or South (hold) Northwest).
  28. Catapult Kick 1: South (hold) Northeast Circle (or South (hold) North Circle) (or South (hold) Northwest Circle).
  29. Catapult Kick 2: South (hold) Northeast (hold) Circle (or South (hold) North (hold) Circle) (or South (hold) Northwest (hold) Circle.
  30. Catapult Drop: South (hold) Northeast (hold) X + Circle (or South (hold) North (hold) X + Circle) (or South (hold) Northwest (hold) X + Circle).
  31. Shredder Kick Combo High: East East Neutral X Circle Circle.
  32. Shredder Kick Combo Mid: East East Neutral X Circle East (hold) Circle.
  33. Shredder Kick Combo Low: East East Neutral X Circle South (hold) Circle.
  34. Tsunami Kick: (While rising) X X.
  35. Sliding: (While crouching) Southeast South Southeast (hold) X.
  36. Infinite Kick Chain 1: (While rising) X X South (hold) X Neutral X X ....
  37. Infinite Kick Chain 2: (While rising) X X Southeast (hold) X Neutral X X ....
  38. Low Variation: (During an Infinite Kick Chain) South (hold) X X ....
  39. Mid Variation: (During an Infinite Kick Chain) East (hold) X X ....
  40. High Variation: (During an Infinite Kick Chain) North (hold) X X ....
  41. 10 Hit Combo: Southeast Square Triangle Triangle Square X X X Circle X Circle.
  42. Forearm Drop: (Approach enemy) Square + X.
  43. Headlock Punch: (Approach enemy) Triangle + Circle.
  44. Knee Drive: (Approach enemy) East East (hold) X + Circle.

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