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Written by: Rui Takato
Published by: Shueisha
Serialized by: Ultra Jump
Genre: Comedy, fan service, martial arts
Original run: 19.10.2009 – 17.07.2010
Single release: 19.03.2010
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 11


Tekken Comic (鉄拳コミック Tekken komikku, «Iron Fist») is a manga collaboration produced by Namco Bandai and Ultra Jump Egg, an online flash comic site. The manga is illustrated by Rui Takato and was made for fans of the game who were waiting for the console versions of Tekken 6 to be released.

The comic is eleven chapters long thus far and the first and most recent chapters are released on Ultra Jump Egg's homepage. Whenever a more recent chapter is released the older is removed. It is unknown where the comic will stop or how far along it will continue.


Jin Kazama decides to start a war against the world. The same time he organises a fight between Paul Phoenix and Craig Marduk. Paul wins and Jin hands to him a 10.000.000 ¥ check. Then Asuka Kazama enters the ring beating up Jin, for starting a war. She gets kicked from Eddy Gordo and returns to Osaka. The next day, after training with her father and stopping several fights around the city, she gets hit by an parachute jumper and they start immediately fighting.



Battle 1: The Legend of the Phoenix[edit]

Battle 2: Girl Bomb[edit]

Battle 3: Wild Flowers[edit]

Battle 4: Dusk's Paper Airplane[edit]

Battle 5: Reason[edit]

Battle 6: Little Wish[edit]

Battle 7: Reborn[edit]

Battle 8: Angel Night[edit]

Battle 9:Three Souls[edit]

Battle 10: Unchained Heart[edit]

Battle 11: Dawn's Legend[edit]

External links[edit]

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  • Tekken Nation - A forum thread dedicated to archiving the old chapters
  • this website allows you to read all the chapters of the tekken comic in 6 different languages.