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Dragunov/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Moves List is a list of all of the moves that Sergei Dragunov can perform in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Moves List[edit]

  1. Eye Gouge to Hilt: Square Square X.
  2. Jab to Body Blow: Square Triangle.
  3. Salvo: Square Triangle Square.
  4. Hammer and Sickle: Square X Triangle.
  5. One Two Scud Kick: Triangle Square X.
  6. One Two Mine Kick: Triangle Square Circle.
  7. Karnov Kick: Circle X.
  8. Iron Flail: X + Circle.
  9. Stun Gun: East Triangle Circle.
  10. High Salute: East X.
  11. Cougar Slash: East Circle Circle.
  12. Cougar Maul: East Circle South Circle.
  13. Scabbard: East Square + Triangle.
  14. Switchblade: Southeast Square.
  15. Scimitar: Southeast Triangle.
  16. Mantis Heal: Southeast X.
  17. Bunker-buster Elbow: South Square.
  18. Razer: South Triangle.
  19. March of Tyranny: South X Circle.
  20. Separator: South Circle Square X.
  21. Heavy Separator: South Circle Circle X.
  22. Death's Door: Southwest Triangle Square Triangle.
  23. Clipping Sweep: Southwest X.
  24. Clipping Sweep to Feint & Catch: (Approach (crouching enemy)) Southwest X Square + Triangle.
  25. Eye Blast: West Square.
  26. Eye Gouge to Stingray: West Triangle Square X.
  27. Back Lock Kick to Ear Grab: West X Square.
  28. Death March to Ear Grab: West Circle Triangle Square.
  29. Death March to Takedown: West Circle Triangle Square + Triangle.
  30. War Machine: West Circle X.
  31. Blizzard Hammer: West Square + Triangle.
  32. Inertia Kick: West X + Circle.
  33. Sub-Zero: West X + Triangle.
  34. Counterstrike: Northwest Triangle.
  35. Falcon Dive: Northeast Triangle.
  36. Slicing Sobat: Northeast Circle.
  37. Scorpion Scissors: Northeast X + Circle.
  38. Russian Sickle: East East (hold) Triangle.
  39. Feint & Catch: East East (hold) Triangle Square + Triangle.
  40. Stinger Kick: East East (hold) X.
  41. Rolling Thunder: East East (hold) Circle.
  42. Stinger Elbow: South Southeast East (hold) Triangle.
  43. Snap Knee: South Southeast East (hold) Circle.
  44. Pinpoint Fracture: South Southeast East (hold) Circle (during hit) Square X Circle Triangle (or Triangle Circle X Square).
  45. Mass Elbow: South Southwest West Triangle.
  46. Russian Assault: East East East Triangle.
  47. Spetnaz Assault: East East East Circle.
  48. Double Hilt: (While rising) Square X.
  49. Ballistic Upper: (While rising) Triangle.
  50. Glacial Hilt: (While rising) X.
  51. Frost Tackle: (While rising) Square + Triangle.
  52. Integral Slicer: (During sidestep) Triangle X.
  53. Integral Blitz: (During sidestep) Triangle Square + Triangle Circle.
  54. Integral Takedown: (During sidestep) Triangle Square + Triangle Square + Triangle.
  55. Cane Stab: (Back towards enemy) South X.
  56. Living Dead: (While down (facing down)) Square + Triangle.
  57. Six Feet Under: (While enemy is down) South X + Circle.
  58. 10 Hit Combo 1: Square X Square Triangle Square Square Circle Square X Triangle.
  59. 10 Hit Combo 2: Square X Square Triangle Circle Square + Triangle.
  60. Volk Clutch: (Approach enemy) Square + X (or East Square + X).
  61. Purge Slam: (Approach enemy) Triangle + Circle (or East Triangle + Circle).
  62. Tarantula Sting: (Approach from left side) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  63. Reverse Fracture: (Approach from right side) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  64. Absolute Silence: (Approach from behind) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  65. Reverse Victor Clutch: (Approach enemy) East Square + Circle.
  66. Victor Clutch: (Approach enemy) East Triangle + X.
  67. Blizzard Rush: (Approach enemy) East East (hold) Square + Triangle.
  68. Cold Fate: (Approach (crouching enemy)) South Square + X (or South Triangle + Circle).
  69. Ambush Tackle: Southwest Square + Triangle (or South Square + Triangle).
  70. Frost Bite: (During tackle) Square.
  71. Achilles' Hold: (During tackle) Triangle.
  72. Iron Curtain: (During tackle) Square + Triangle.
  73. Red Alert: (Time with enemy attack) West Square + X (or West Triangle + Circle).

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