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Origin Unknown
Voiced By {{{voice}}}
Fighting Style Advanced Mishima style Fighting Karate (三島流喧嘩空手改)
Age You will never know, mwahhahahahaha!
Blood Type {{{bloodtype}}}
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation User (maybe Admin)
Hobby Playing Tekken, Attempting to become an admin on this wiki, hehe.
Likes Tekken, Steam. Tekkenepedia! People.
Dislikes Marshal Law, School, Trolls, Tekken Movie(2010), Street Fighter X Tekken (No Dragunov :'( )

Hey guys I am Devilster, I am a fan of Tekken and other stuff.

Favorite Users: Toilethead and Wikisyop, They're awesome

Favorite Tekken Character: Kazuya

Worst Tekken Character: Ganryu (He's so lame)

I try to be active as much as I can, I've been away a bit cause I've been doing a lot of stuff, but now I can finally relax and do as much as I can to be an admin and all that.

To Do List[edit]

Study more about making character pages

Finish work on the Wolf demon page

Wait for Sam's response on my admin request