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Origin Kent, United Kingdom
Age 18
Has played Tekken since Tekken 3 (for the PS1)
Favorite Tekken Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Favorite character Hwoarang and The Fucking Mishima Klan
Tekken Championships MAME Head Bashing Extravaganza Tournament (First Place)
Championship Victories None


I'm Nitronia AKA WowComics AKA Bag Head AKA Professor AKA Head Bashing Extravaganza MAME Tournament Winner AKA Cunt Knocker

To do List

  • Do Stuff (Progress : 0.67%)

Tekken Pro Strats

I press some fucking buttons and then kick your ass.



  • Nitronia has been to London on many occasions.
  • He is an aspiring Professional Wrestler, soon to be training under the IWP:UK
  • Nitronia has facial hair, long hair and side burns.