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Wang Jinrei/T2 Movelist is a list of all of the moves that Wang Jinrei can perform in Tekken 2.

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  1. G-Clef Cannon: Square Square Square (or East Square Square Square) (or East (hold) Square Square Square).
  2. G-Clef Cannon 2: Triangle Square Square.
  3. Sweep: South Circle.
  4. Sweep to Head Kick: South Circle Circle.
  5. Sweep to Low Kick: South Circle South (hold) Circle.
  6. Razor's Edge: South Circle Square.
  7. Triple Spinning Kick: Circle South Circle Circle.
  8. Tripple Spinning Kick Low: Circle South Circle South (hold) Circle.
  9. Tripple Spinning Punch: Circle South Circle Square.
  10. Power Punch: East Triangle.
  11. Slow Power Punch (1): Southeast Triangle.
  12. Slow Power Punch Combo: (when (1) hits) Square.
  13. Strong Power Punch: East East Square + Triangle (or: East (hold) Square + Triangle).
  14. Medium Power Punch: Southeast Square + Triangle.
  15. Heavy Power Punch: South Southeast East Triangle.
  16. Heavy Uppercut: West West (hold) Square.
  17. Dragon Power Punch: West Square + Triangle.
  18. Foot Stomp: Northeast X + Circle.
  19. Foot Stomp 2: North Triangle (when your opponent is laying on the ground).
  20. Pearly Gates: Southeast Square Square.
  21. Drop Kick: East East East X (or (while running) X).
  22. Spinning Sweep: South (press and hold) Southeast Circle.
  23. Spinning Sweep Combo: (during Spinning Sweep) X.
  24. Tequila Sunrise: (when rising) Triangle.
  25. Tequila Sunrise Combo: (when rising) Triangle Square Square.
  26. Skyscraper Kick: (when rising) Circle.
  27. 10 Hit Combo: Triangle Square Square Triangle X X X Circle Circle Square.
  28. Front Snap Kick: Southeast X.
  29. Spin Behind: Triangle West (must hit).
  30. Behind the Back Suplex: (after Spin Behind) Square + Triangle.
  31. Headlock Toss: (stand close) Square + X.
  32. Take Down: (stand close) Triangle + Circle.
  33. Reverse Neck Throw: (from behind) Square + X (or Triangle + Circle).
  34. Hurricane Throw: (stand close) Southeast Square X Circle.
  35. Spin Behind Elbow Smash: Southeast Southeast (hold) Triangle + Circle.

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