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Combot appeared Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, in which it had a palette swapped version of its Player 1 outfit as his Player 2 outfit. For this reason it only had one design through the Tekken series.

Tekken 4[edit]

Combot in his Player 1 outfit while mimicing Xiaoyu's moves.
Combot in his Player 2 outfit while mimicing Hwoarang's moves.
Combot is a robot, so has nuts and bolts in every joint and has its arms and legs made of pistons and metallic bars. Its hands don't have fingers, they're instead two pincers. It doesn't have a face, it only has two pink glowing eyes. It has on his shoulders two rounded plates with ideograms on them. It has on its back something that seems a jet motor or a turbine, but it doesn't use it because there aren't flying characters in Tekken 4. When mimicking Yoshimitsu's moves it has a glowing laser sword. It has two identical outfits, the only differences between them are their colors.

Its Player 1 outfit (selected pressing one of the punch buttons) is grey with some yellow parts on its elbows, wrists, hips, kness and ankles. It has blue plates on his shoulders with white ideograms on them.

Its player 2 outfit (selected pressing one of the kick buttons) is instead blue and has its yellow part changed to orange. It has light-blue plates with black ideograms.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

  • He retains the same design as Tekken 4, and his second costume shows him changing to red instead of silver.