Demon Hop

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Demon Hop
Command f,N,d,d/f,u/f
Damage 0
Hit Range None
Properties None
Move Frames Hit Advantage
x -
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -
Chains from Chains to
Jin 1&2, D. Jin

Demon Hop is an unofficial move introduced in Tekken 2 as part of Heihachi Mishima's moveset. In Tekken 3 it also became part of Jin Kazama's moveset which he would keep in later games, both as Devil Jin and when having learned traditional karate. Furthermore, Devil Jin's Demon Hop even gained an autoblock property, if no command was inputted.

When to use (Heihachi)[edit]

Demon Hop is part of the mind game of Heihachi Mishima. Using Demon Hop, Heihachi may either attack mid (f,N,d,d/f,u/f+3), low (f,N,d,d/f,u/f,D/F+3), or simply feign on of these attacks and do something to take the opponent completely by surprise. It is however advised to not use this move too often, or while to close to the opponent, as a single jab will give the opponent a juggle opportunity, meaning that the player is extremely vulnerable while performing a Demon Hop. It should therefor be used with careful thought and moderation.

When to use (Devil Jin)[edit]

Demon Hop can be used to perform an extremely close range Leaping Slash Kick in cases where there isn't enough space for an f,f,f+3 to be successful or at the end of a Wave Dash/Lightdash. Should the player choose not to input anything after the Demon Hop, Devil Jin will automatically block any blockable move during the jump part of the move, making it a great way to trick the opponent (into thinking the user is performing a crouch dash move) or to close distance. After the opponent's attack is autoblocked, the user should try to take advantage of any openings. The user should also make sure he or she is not still holding u/f once Devil Jin's feet reach the ground, or they will perform a regular jump.

When to Use (Jins)[edit]

In cases of Jin, both before and after Tekken 4, the Demon Hop should only be used to perform a Leaping Slash Kick.


  • While technally chained to the Crouch Dash, Demon Hop is considered a semi-independent move and is therefore rarely, if ever, written as part of a Crouch Dash.
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