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General info[edit]

Since her coming in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, she has been labelled as one of the infamous 'mashing' characters, along with Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro. Although this is partially true, mashing is not the best way of maximizing her potential.

Lili is an easy, relatively powerful character that many new players pick up (due to her "attractive" animations).


  • A unique movelist allows you to be very creative and find your own personal style. There is a lot of variety for people to create their own setups, plus a punch counter
  • A ridiculous amount of juggle starters, especially from counter hits, plus a safe mid launcher in Orleans Sword (d/f+2)
  • Great crushing ability
  • Great whiff punishment thanks to Capricorn Kick (u/f+3) and Backflip (d/f+3+4)
  • Wide array of okizeme opportunities in the game


  • Bad tracking
  • Slightly bad lows
  • Difficult time moving in on and opening up turtles
  • Almost all of her useful moves are awful on whiff, giving her a poor keep-out game. Many of her attacks have poor tracking and/or poor range, meaning that virtually everything Lili does can be sidestepped. To prevent this, it is wise that the player keeps moving, SS, WS, qcf, b+4 (twirl), b+4~f (twirl into qcf)


Lili's place in the tier is widely agreed in mid to high-mid. Her lack of tracking moves, lows, and range forces her to forfeit a place in the top tier. Arcadia Magazine Tier Ranking (January 2007) placed Lili in RANK B+, with Anna and Marduk as good match-ups, and Feng and Asuka as bad match-ups.

Playstyle analysis

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Attack analysis[edit]


When beginning a round, as with most other characters, it is encouraged that the player back-dashes. With Lili, you can also twirl into Rabbit's Foot (b+4~3), but it is ill advised to use this opener every round, as it will soon be blocked on reaction. You can also twirl and qcf into Vine Slash (b+4~f~1) or Angel Heart (b+4~f~2) which are more options for starters. All her throws lead to great wakeup games. She has great mids and decent lows.


Direct Persuasion (d/f+1) – Fast mid that gives advantage on block. Use this for mind games, mix it up with jabs and throws, or attempt a launch after almost every time this hits. It makes most people afraid to duck just because it comes out so fast.

Vine Slash (qcf+1) – Evading mid launcher that has a lot of range, and goes under highs and some mids. Jab punishable, but that is the only negative thing about it.

Capricorn Kick (u/f+3) – Mid launcher that crushes lows and can be used if your opponent whiffs almost anything. It's fast enough that if you were block something low that is unsafe, you can do this move right afterward rather than a WS move. Also this move is guaranteed after both low punch and low kick parry. This move is also great to use against wakeup kicks, or any other wakeup moves your opponent has because it will fully launch them into the air. It can even catch back rollers. It is merely jab punishable and is worth the risk.

Backflip Spinning Edge (d/f+3+4) – Long range mid launcher and also works great as a whiff punisher. Great for oki, setups, and combos. If they are rolling back, or are grounded from another move (1+2, or f+2,1+2, or u/f+4,3, or d+2,2,4) you can get this entire string (d/f+3+4,3+4) plus an additional BT d+3. Also, even if they block, you are only at a -2 frame disadvantage with great BT options.

The first hit of Heavy Languish (d+1) – Low which tracks a bit to her right and high crushes. Moves you forward slightly, and hits a grounded opponent for decent damage.

Edelweiss (d/b+4) – Low which juggles on CH and high crushes. This also hits grounded. Risky, as it is very readable and very punishable.

Freesia Thrust (d/b+3) – Low which knocks down on hit, high crushes, and in FC, d/f+3 is a guaranteed followup. It hits grounded as well and may knock your opponent down again if you use it in your oki game. It's also somewhat hard to read. However she jumps a little before hand and can be jabbed out of it.

Root of Evil (f,f+4) – Low that's basically unseeable and gives you great advantage on hit. Doesn't knock down, but will stun Lili's opponent on CH. Also, on CH, if they don't break the stun you get a free launcher (either u/f+3 or d/f+2). This is her only low move that is not launch punishable. Great mix-up with f,f+3. The only bad thing about this move is that it can be easily stepped and it's best to use if you're keeping the pressure on.

Horizon Slide (FC, d/f+3) – Long range low with even more phantom range on it as it grinds to a halt. Tracks both sides insanely well and high crushes. Also juggles on CH. Works great right after a forward dash. Even if it's not incredibly safe, it has a ton of range and can catch people off guard. If you side step before it, sometimes she will slide right through them and they can't punish it.


Circle Knee (f+3) – Short range mid that does a good amount of damage for a single safe and relatively fast move, and it knocks down on regular and counter hit. It's great for catching sidesteppers. It is still unsafe on block, however, it pushes your opponent very far back and to the side making it essentially unpunishable. Lili is easily sidestepped so if you find your opponent is side stepping a lot, throw this out to keep them from doing that.

Arch Kick (f+4) – High that gives frame advantage on block. Great for setting up CH's and keeping the pressure on against the wall. It can be ducked however.

Shin Kick (d+4) – A bread and butter low poke. Great mix-up with d/f+1. Recovers crouching but jab punishable on block.

Edelweiss also tracks very well.


Standing punishment

For 10~11f, Left Right Backstrike (1,2,3), but puts her at a frame disadvantage.

For 12~14f, Broken Heart (1+2), which knocks down with an additional df3+4 if they don't tech.

For 15f, Capricorn Kick (u/f+3), which launches for juggles.

For 17f, Vine Slash (qcf+1), which launches for juggles, or Bloody Masquerade (d+2+2), an advancing and slightly tracking mid-high string that’s NC, even when delayed. If you catch the second 2 on CH, finish the string (d+2,2,4) for nice damage.

For 18+f, Matterhorn Ascension (d+3+4), which launches for juggles. It's ultra punishable on block but the damage that you get from this launcher is ridiculous. Ducks down so low that not only does she crush highs, she avoids some mids as well. This also works after a low kick parry.

Crouching punishment

For 11~14f, Lili's standard WS move (ws4), which knocks down on CH. You can get a free d+4 if you are fast enough.

For 15f, Capricorn Kick (u/f+3), which launches for juggles.

For 18+f, Delicate Uprising (ws2), which launches for juggles. This move is not safe but not horribly unsafe however. It won't work on many lows because it is kind of slow, but still it has a lot of range and is a great launcher. If your opponent techs, you catch them with this, and you can hit them with d+1,2,4 afterward.


u/f+3, d/f+2, qcf+1
open field: d/f+1, d/f+1, 1,2, f+2,1+2
to create a good wall splat or off axis: b+2,1, 2, d+2,2,3

d+3+4: U/F,n+4, 1,2, d+2,2,3

d/f+3+4: BT d+1, WS+2, d+1,2,4

3+4: f+2,1+2

WS+2: u/f+3+4, b+2,1, d+2,2,3

CH (d/f+3/b+1/b+1+2/FC,d/f+3/WS+1): d+1,2, d+1,2,4

CH d/b+4: SS towards their feet, d+1,2, d+1,2,4

qcf+3 on advancing opponent: 1,2, d+2,2,3


Not getting up:

ff+4 d/b+3 d/b+4 FC,d/f+3
f+3+4~3,4 3+4 d/f+3+4 d+3
d+1 BT d+3+4 BT d+3 BT 3+4
u/f+4 (d/f+4),4 (1,2) or (2), 3 (b+4), 3


BT d+3

Get-up Kicks:

u/f+3 (for low)
d+3+4 (for mid)


Opponent is face up, feet towards and:
tries to quick-stand into a block: d/f+1 will pick them up most times. You can get d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3.
Opponent is face down, feet towards and:
tries to quick-stand into a block: u/f+3+4,3+4 will catch their back and juggle them.
tries to sideroll: d/f+3 or d/f+4
tries to roll away: d/f+3+4,3+4, BT d+3