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GENOCELL was the name of a forest rejuvenation project lead by a team of scientist and researchers, one of these being Julia Chang. It was funded and supervised by the G Corporation and located in one of the G Corporation's maximum security labs. Despite the amount of security, the research center was attacked by the Mishima Zaibatsu, who succeeded in stealing valuable data. The GENOCELL project was put on indefinite hold after the incident.

The Mishima Zaibatsu, however, used the GENOCELL research they had stolen to aid one of their own projects, led by Doctor Abel; the merging of devil cells with human cells. When trying to merge the cells together, under normal circumstances, the devil cells destroyed the human cells, however, through the use of GENOCELL, the devil cells could be suppressed and the creation of a viable lifeform could be made possible. Before it could come to this, Julia managed to delete all GENOCELL files, postponing the dream of saving her home in the process.