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The Mishima Zaibatsu formerly known as Tekken Zaibatsu/Tekken Corporation (name changed after Jinpachi Mishima lost the Zaibatsu to his son). It was owned originally by Jinpachi Mishima, but the Zaibatsu was taken over by Heihachi Mishima, who has run the company for over 40 years, except for two brief interims. The companies grouped together in the syndicate include the Mishima Financial Empire, the mercenary group known as Tekken Force, and Mishima Industries. The Mishima Zaibatsu is the main sponsor of The King of Iron Fist Tournaments, the central events of the video games. In Tekken 5, Jinpachi Mishima regained control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. However, Jinpachi was defeated by Jin Kazama during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and Jin gained control of the Zaibatsu. Jin's first course of action was to start a world war, in the hopes of awakening Azazel to end the curse of the Devil Gene. Unexpectedly, he disappears during the war, and Heihachi is able to retake the company in Jin's absence from Nina Williams.


Jinpachi Mishima, founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

The constant change of ownership of the Zaibatsu is one of the Tekken series' many little quirks.

Several decades before the first King of Iron Fist Tournament
Jinpachi Mishima lost the Tekken Corp. to his son, Heihachi Mishima.
Heihachi lost the Zaibatsu to his son, Kazuya Mishima.
Tekken 2
Kazuya lost the Zaibatsu to his father, Heihachi.
Tekken 3
Heihachi remains as the owner.
Tekken 4
Heihachi remains as the owner.
Between Tekken 4 and Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Jinpachi reclaims the Zaibatsu after Heihachi is assumed dead.
Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Jinpachi loses the Zaibatsu to Jin Kazama.
Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Jin disappears during the war. Nina takes over during his absence
Between Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken 7/Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
Heihachi seizes control of the Zaibatsu from Nina.
Tekken 7/Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
Heihachi is seemingly killed by Kazuya, leaving the fate of the Zaibatsu unknown.


  • There are other characters involved with the Mishima Zaibatsu besides the Mishima clan. Ganryu worked as a bodyguard for it when both Heihachi and Kazuya were in control. Anna Williams and Bruce Irvin had also worked as bodyguard in the Mishima Zaibatsu for Kazuya before later siding with his G Corporation. Like Ganryu, Anna and Bruce before, Nina Williams and Eddy Gordo were also in the employ of the Zaibatsu when Jin took over.
  • There are multiple victims of what the Mishima Zaibatsu has done. Michelle Chang's tribe was attacked by Heihachi's orders for its sacred amulet and her mother was later captured on Kazuya's command to get the treasure. Kazuya also was the one who had Eddy's parents killed and he also ordered Doctor Boskonovitch kidnapped. Miguel Caballero Rojo lost his sister when Jin had a conquest in Spain. Rochefort Enterprises, a Monaco-based petroleum company owned by Lili's father, was business partners with the Mishima Zaibatsu until Jin took over the company's oil fields.
  • Attacked G Corporation in Tekken 4 to reclaim Kazuya's remains. Later in Tekken 6, after Kazuya became G Corporation's leader, they became major contenders against Jin and the Zaibatsu during the war. This war dragged on after Azazel's defeat, however.
  • Robbed by the Manji Clan in Tekken 4.