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The Manji Clan is a group of Robin Hood-esque ninja, lead by Yoshimitsu, who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Kunimitsu was once second in command, until she was expelled by Yoshimitsu when it was discovered that she was stealing from the clan's funds.

The sword wielded by Yoshimitsu in several installments is a sign of the current leader. When a new leader in the clan is elected, the former leader is sacrificed by use of the sword, which then transfers it powers to its new wielder. It was later discovered that the sword was cursed, and that the only way for it to retain its power was to regularly slay villains.

The clan has had several clashes with other characters of Tekken, such as the Mishima Zaibatsu, Ganryu and most notably Bryan Fury, who single handedly almost terminated the entire clan. The members who are still alive after Bryan's attack are unknown.


  • The sword's behavior is quite close to what is told in Japanese legends about the blades forged by infamous Japanese swordsmith, Sengo Muramasa; that once drawn a blade forged by Muramasa has been drawn, it must draw blood before it can be returned to its scabbard, even if it has to be its owner's.
  • In Yoshimitsu's Tekken 4 prologue, there is a picture of some of the members.
  • Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu are the only playable characters from the clan to have been introduced to the series.
  • The clan symbol is the Swastika, called manji in Japanese, which is also one of the most recurring characters in Buddhism. Facing left (卍) it represents love and mercy, while facing right (卐) it represents strength and intelligence.
  • Yoshimitsu mentions in Street Fighter X Tekken that there is an animal division within the Manji Clan