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Name Kunimitsu
Origin Japan3.png Japan
Voiced By Katsuhiro Harada (T1)
Shiho Kikuchi (T2, TTT)
Houko Kuwashima (TTT2)
Fighting Style Manji Ninjutsu
Age Unknown
Blood Type O
Height 173 cm (5' 8")
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Occupation Professional thief
Hobby Constructing machines (she can at least construct an air conditioner).
Likes Sheath knife, stealing
Dislikes Yoshimitsu, Michelle Chang


Kunimitsu was first introduced in Tekken, and she returned for Tekken 2, and the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament as well as Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It is unknown what happens of Kunimitsu after Tekken 2, although some speculate that she was killed by Yoshimitsu towards the end of the second tournament. Ogre / True Ogre has some of her moves in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament. This implies that she was attacked by Ogre. Upon her return to the series in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Kunimitsu's mask was made smaller to reveal scars by her eyes. Much speculation has aroused due to this and some people have theories these are the result of an attack by either Yoshimitsu or Ogre. Not much is known about her personality, other than being very greedy and selfish, as Yoshimitsu had expelled her from the Manji Clan for these traits.

Her title in the original trilogy is Retaliating Female Ninja.

Games in order of appearance:

Other appearances:

*both of the two above appearances are cameos


Tekken 1[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Kunimitsu, Tekken
Tekken screenshot: Kunimitsu VS Kunimitsu


Kunimitsu wields two daggers or sickles, depending on her outfit, but is not able to attack with them. She plays almost exactly the same as Yoshimitsu, minus his unblockable sword attacks.


Kunimitsu was a member of the Manjito crime syndicate. But when she stole for her own self-interest, she was expelled by the leader, Yoshimitsu. Even after that, she continued to steal without reforming. Her reason for entering the tournament is to plunder the treasure that Heihachi Mishima stole from the Native Americans.


  • Kunimitsu was thought to be a male as her voice was exactly the same as Yoshimitsu's and her entire face and body are covered. In Tekken 2, she's revealed to be female.
  • Kunimitsu is the only unlockable character to have two win animations. All of the other unlockable chararacters only have one win animation. However, they are both shared with Yoshimitsu.
  • Her 'sub-boss' is Michelle Chang.

Tekken 2[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Kunimitsu, Tekken 2
Tekken 2 screenshot: Kunimitsu VS Kunimitsu


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Prologue (Manual)
The sword of good fortune and light is the sword which generation after generation is succeeded in the Manji party. It is assumed the air of the partner is shut off, when (there is a rule that the leader of the next generation cuts the leader of previous generation with this sword). Kunimitsu participates in the tournament in order to take the sword.
Prologue (Extended)
Kunimitsu is known as the Devil Cat. She was a former member of the Manji clan of ninja bandits lead by Yoshimitsu. She lost her Japanese identity when she joined the group to maintain her anonymity. Upon joining, she was taught the skills of the stealth knife at the Manji ninja schools of "Jujutau". She stayed with the group for a few months until a series of petty thefts from the band's funds led to her dismissal. At a loose end, she decided to train as a mechanic mending air conditioners. She entered the first Iron Fist Tournament with the intent on stealing a Native American treasure from a young brave (Michelle Chang). Kunimitsu was easily defeated. Feeling humiliated, she sought solace with her grandfather. He was a swordsmith with a reputation. He informed Kunimitsu that the sword used by Yoshimitsu (also called Yoshimitsu) was a relic of unimaginable value. She learned that it was handed down through the Manji band, and it had the power to sever an enemy both spiritually and mentally. The sword exchanges hands when a new leader is elected. The old leader is ritually sacrificed, and the sword's power is transferred to its new owner. Her grandfather has spent his entire existence trying to forge a copy of the sword. Kunimitsu enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 to face and defeat Yoshimitsu, thus claiming his sword so that her grandfather can make a copy before his death.
Ending (Unoffical Synopsis)
Kunimitsu is in a forest holding Yoshimitsu's sword. Kunimitsu looks at her face's reflection on the sword. She decides to test the sword by slicing the stone in two with it. Kunimitsu successfully does this and is shown as the sliced stone falls to the ground.


Spin-Offs and Related Games[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Kunimitsu, Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: Kunimitsu VS Kunimitsu


Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unoffical Synopsis)
Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu are about to fight in an area covered in snow and the area is snowing. They approach each other with their weapons. A few seconds after they attack each other, Yoshimitsu falls to the ground. Kunimitsu moves her dagger around a little bit, and then she disappears. This ending takes place in Yoshimitsu's second Tekken Tag Tournament stage, which is called "Yoshimitsu-B".


  • Kunimitsu has an extra costume similar to Soul Calibur's Taki.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Kunimitsu CG art
Kunimitsu's extra outfit

Kunimitsu features in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Story (Official Site) A kunoichi who hides her face behind a fox mask, Kunimitsu is a former member of the Manji Clan. She was excommunicated by Yoshimitsu after repeatedly commiting theft for personal gain. She is looking for an opportunity to steal his self-named sword, "Yoshimitsu".

(From Wii U Edition)

A female ninja who hides her face behind fox mask, Kunimitsu was once a former member of the gang of chivalrous thieves, the Manji Clan. After stealing only for her own gain, she was cast out by the Manji Clan leader Yoshimitsu, and then disappeared. She bides her time, waiting for the opportunity to steal Yoshimitsu's sword "Yoshimitsu."[1]

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

Yoshimitsu is riding his horse through a forest of bamboo trees. Kunimitsu is seen scurrying after him, hidden in the trees. Kunimitsu then subdues the horse with a dart, causing Yoshimitsu to jump into the air. Kunimitsu then engages Yoshimitsu in a fight before he subdues her and holds her in place with his sword. He turns around, preparing to deliver the final blow, when he realises that his sword has been replaced by a branch. He turns around to see Kunimitsu wielding his sword as she smiles and departs. Yoshimitsu watches her leave, muttering "You've greatly improved."


  • Kunimitsu will feature in the game's console opening, pairing up with Raven and battling Nina and Anna Williams.[1]
  • She now has a move that allows her to spit fire [2].
  • She has a special tag throw with Raven where Raven will toss the opponent in the air allowing her and Raven to attack simultaneously[3]
  • A glitch / hacking problem in the game has allowed some people to remove her mask completely [4]
  • Her item move has her throw explosive kunai on part of the floor in front of her.

Tekken Revolution[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Kunimitsu is featured as an unlockable character in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution ([5]). She was added in the August 9th, 2013 update as part of the Summer Campaign ([6]). As with the rest of the game's roster, her appearance and moveset is carried over from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Supreme Thrust: 1+2.
Kanameishi: f+1+2.
Guillotine Crow Kick: u+3+4.
Kurama Itto: u/f+2.
Rising Kazura: f,F+2.


  • Ironically, Kunimitsu made it into this game far before her male counterpart, despite Yoshimitsu being one of the series' most iconic characters.


Character Trivia[edit]

  • In the original Tekken game, Kunimitsu was thought to be male due to her voice being the same as Yoshimitsu's and having less womanly features.
  • The music in Kunimitsu's Tekken 2 stage is the same BGM for the original Tekken's Angkor Wat stage.
  • Her extra costume in Tekken Tag Tournament is similar to the costumes worn by Taki in the Soul Calibur series. [7]
  • Kunimitsu's appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the first time she has appeared in a Tekken game since Tekken Tag Tournament over 11 years earlier.
  • Why Kunimitsu's mask is so much shorter in Tekken Tag 2 is unknown. It's presumably to expose her mouth and allow for her fire-breathing attacks and to reveal the scars on her eyes.
  • All of her endings take place in a forest.
  • Even if her age has never be confirmed, Kunimitsu was probably in her early 20's in Tekken 1 & 2, and should be in her late 30's, early 40's in Tekken 4, 5 & 6 due to time gap between Tekken 2 & Tekken 3.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Pre-fight Quotes
Come, then.

Character Relationships[edit]

  • Expelled from the Manji Clan by Yoshimitsu.
  • Attempted to steal Michelle Chang's amulet but was defeated by Michelle in Tekken.
  • Entered the second tournament to steal Yoshimitsu's sword for her grandfather but lost to Yoshimitsu it is unclear if he killed her or not.