Bryce Adams

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Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams.jpg
Bryce Adams in Death by Degrees
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
Voiced By Lex Lang
Age 29
Occupation Kometa "Commander" and Lana Lei's bodyguard
Appearances Death by Degrees

Bryce Adams is a character that appeared in Death by Degrees as an antagonist that must be fought twice. He is Lana Lei's bodyguard and later revealed to be her boyfriend. Bryce fights with guns and is also has a "Commander" ("A2") rank. He is the first boss that Nina kills.

When Nina Williams fights him for a second time, Bryce reveals numerous blades in the walls surrounding them. He claims that they are "specially designed for public executions". Bryce is killed when Nina knocks him into the blades which goes right through him and causes him to fall to the ground.

Lana appears to have feelings towards him; this is shown during the first encounter between Nina and Lana. Lana angrily says, "You're the one who murdered Bryce!" before the first boss fight. Her affections are also later revealed towards Bryce when his corpse is shown on Lana's bed covered in roses.

Character Relationships[edit]