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Yoshimitsu (T3).jpg
Name Sake
Origin Japan
Voiced By Katsuhiro Harada
Fighting Style Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height 177 cm
Weight 63 kg
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown


Sake (pronounced Sha-kay) is an irregular character that made his only appearance in the Arcade version of Tekken 3. Sake uses Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 model, and Jin Kazama's moveset. For some time it was believed by fans that Sake was a prototypical version of Steve Fox. Sake was also going to be a middle boss before Ogre, and Kuma was originally planned to fight holding a large fish, which may have been Sake. Katsuhiro Harada revealed the following in a forum post on August 1st 2010:

"Regarding 'SAKE', this was included when we planned to implement a new animal character. But there were a few problems...

It was really a salmon so, no matter if you press punch or kick, the character just flops around making a flapping noise... At the time, one play was 100 yen (a little over a dollar) so that is the quality bar to keep in mind for customer satisfaction. So we thought players would get quite angry if they had to pay that much to play such a character, and we gave up on that character. That kind of character might be OK in a console version, but not for the arcade"[1].

The concept of Sake returned during a poll for Tekken Revolution's original character. The poll, however, was won by Eliza, and Sake did not receive a sizable amount of votes.


Tekken 3[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Tekken 3 Sake (on left).

Sake was rather populating the game as the game had already got 20 characters at that time. Namco's production team probably didn't have much time to re-do the whole code for character selection, so they buried the two raw characters in an as-is condition.



  • Sake uses Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 body, and Jin Kazama's moves.
  • Can be unlocked and playable using a cheat (on the Arcade version only).
  • Sake was believed to be a Tekken 3 version of Steve Fox or female version of Yoshimitsu before its true nature was known.
  • Sake is not featured in any opening or endings of any Tekken character or game.
  • It's name, spelling and pronunciation is the same as the Japanese alcoholic beverage.
  • The concept behind Sake as a character flopping around on the ground may have been used for Dr Bosconovitch.
  • Sake reappeared as a voting option for Tekken Revolution's Original Character poll in it's Salmon incarnation. In the end, he got 5th place.