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Jack-X SFxTk CG.png
Origin G Corporation
Voiced By Jordan Byrne (English)
Kenichiro Matsuda (Japanese)
Fighting Style Power Fighting / Sheer Force
Age 1 year
Blood Type Oil
Height 233 cm (7'8")
Weight 210 kg (463 lbs)
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Analyzing and collecting data
Likes collecting money, successfully acquiring data
Dislikes Danger (according to his win quote against Akuma), NANCY-MI847J


JACK-X is the latest in the series of Jack robots, making its debut in Street Fighter X Tekken as a DLC character on PlayStation Vita. The "X" in its name is pronounced as "Cross". His official tag partner is Bryan Fury.

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Street Fighter X Tekken[edit]

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Jack-x art
SFXT Screenshot: JACK-X VS Sagat.
Story (Official Site)
A powerful robot that responds only to the orders of its master. It serves as a backup to the JACK-6 line of robots. It possesses superior attack range and power, and is also equipped with several high-powered, all-range attacks.
Prologue (In-Game Text)
Bryan has plotted to steal the overwhelming power of Pandora for himself after arriving at the South Pole. But he breaks into the G Corporation's laboratory and finds a new line of JACK series robots. This new line is dubbed JACK-X, which was to serve as a back-up to the JACK-6 series.
Bryan: "What the hell is this?"
JACK-X: "Start up complete. Voice print authentication... Complete. Awaiting instructions."
With Bryan now having total and absolute control of the weapon known as JACK-X, he continues with his plan. Together, they head straight for the South Pole to obtain Pandora.
Bryan: "This is going to be so much fun... Muwhahah... Hahahahahahaha!
Rivals Cutscene Unofficial Synopsis)
The camera shows Cody and Guy walking away with their backs facing the screen. "Hey, tin man. how tough are these guys?" Bryan asks JACK-X, as the robot begins analyzing the two. "Calculating the power levels of both fighters... calculations complete. Starting analysis. Analysis complete." JACK-X comments, as Bryan cracks his neck from side to side in preparation for the upcoming battle. An evil smile creeps across Bryan's face as the robot continues. "Both fighters have been positively identified. Both fighters' battle power levels are over 9,000. Both fighters are ranked at Level 3A. Retrieving biographical data." Bryan clenches his fists and walks forward with an evil laugh. "Cancel data." Bryan interrupts. "Hey! Prepare yourself for a fight." he addresses Cody and Guy. "We don't have time for this." Guy answers, as he resumes walking off. In response, Bryan raises his left arm, which prompts JACK-X to run forward and unleash a quick assault on the duo, before going back to Bryan's side. "Looks like it might be fun." Cody remarks with a smile as he and guy enter their fighting stances. "Heh. Now... let us have a fight to the death!" Bryan says with a wide grin as he crouches down in front of JACK-X with his arms spread out to his sides. "Now engaging battle mode." JACK-X adds, raising his arms in "L" positions behind Bryan.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Bryan laughs evilly as he approaches Pandora. "Well now, how should I put this beautiful thing to use?" he questions himself, as the box lights up and opens, releasing a skyward beam of light. As the two observe this, Bryan glances over to JACK-X. "Initiating emergency restart. Reboot... Restoring all systems." the robot states. "What was that?" Bryan asks as he turns to face his partner. "Online. System restored. Now scanning for targets." JACK-X comments, its eyes lighting up as it turns towards Bryan, who is preparing for the inevitable fight. "Level-A target identified. Starting extermination mode." JACK-X continues, as Bryan flees towards Pandora to avoid two rockets shot from the revealed mounted cannons on the machine's shoulders. After waiting a few seconds, Bryan comes out from behind the box and lunges towards JACK-X with a deep yell.


  • His title is "Heavy Arms".
  • Despite Pandora being described as "an energy that reacts when living things come into conflict", both Jack-X and Alisa are able to utilize the power despite being non-organic beings.



Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
Identified targets to be exterminated. Target possesses the V-series circuitry. A creation of one Dr. Bosconovitch.
Targets... location at 12 o'clock. Both targets identified as highly skilled fighters. I am not an "airhead," I'm not a "prankster," and I'm not a "stupid old man." (Vs Asuka)
Target possesses high attack power due to high muscle content and damage-absorbing fat tissues. A powerful combination.
Movement finally halted after destruction of main drive. Dr. Bosconovitch is a genius for inventing this perpetual power generator. (Vs Bryan)
I do not possess any information on Eddy Gordo. I also do not sense his presence in the immediate vicinity. (Vs Christie)
The amount of damage caused by the Mishima family's fights, if converted into dollars, would make building a space armada a reality. (Vs Heihachi)
Battle data analysis complete. Target: Hwoarang. Results: Target is still 15% weaker than Jin Kazama in strength.
I am equipped with an excellent battle program. There is zero chance of me losing to the same patterns. (Vs himself)
Jin Kazama's battle data has been acquired. The Devil Gene located in the subject's blood is cultivating at an extreme rate.
Forest revival project confirmed. This is not the place to be fighting. (Vs Julia)
Kazuya Mishima has been secured... The Devil Gene can now be thoroughly elucidated.
Now scanning the inside of target's jaguar mask... Scanning failed... The inside of the mask remains a mystery.
Analyzing... Target belongs to the Ursus arctos middendorffi family. Height... 92.52 inches. Diet... Acorns and fish. Analysis complete.
Comparing subject skin sample to Mishima family sample... Subject does not possess the Devil Gene, but is still considered dangerous.
Now seizing target's bank account via satellite... Task complete. However, target's bank account has already been frozen.
Hacking into the Hong Kong International Police main server... Updating target's records to reflect his loss.
It is not possible to purchase me. The rights to my hardware and software belong to my master. (Vs Lili)
An inconsistency in saved battle data has been detected. It is assumed that additional cruelty has triggered an increase in strength. (Vs Marduk)
Pinpoint strikes on a machine have no effect. That is a lesson that I recommend be taught to all future assassins. (Vs Nina)
Capture of subject "Ogre" has been a success. Updating archives to reflect evolutions in the subject's battle tactics.
Target's desires confirmed. Feasibility analysis... Complete. Now sending target to outer space.
Hacking into target's headquarters' main server... Acquired 154 articles of highly classified information.
Tissue sample analysis complete... DNA matches that of Nina Williams. (Vs Steve)
Warning! Owning a panda is a severe violation of the Washington Convention! (Vs Xiaoyu)
After analyzing battle data, my power and speed exceed yours by approximately 35%.