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Name Crow
Origin Unknown
Voiced By N/A
Fighting Style Basic Martial Arts
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Tekken Force member
Hobby Unknown
Likes Heihachi Mishima
Dislikes Unknown


Crow is a codename for several characters in the Tekken series. In "Tekken 3", Crows are the weakest of the Tekken Force enemies, with Hawk, Falcon, and Owl following. He can also be made playable via cheat device in Tekken 3. When playable, he is able to wear the outfits of other Tekken Force members. His fighting stance is the same as Bryan Fury's, and he share's some of Bryan's moves.

Crow, as a single person, also appears in "Tekken Card Challenge", a non-canonical Tekken game. Crows also make an appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab mode.


  • Crow's moves in Tekken 3 are very poor, lacking combos and basic character functions such as jumping.
  • Despite not having basic commands, Crow does have 2 animations at the start of a fight. One is of Crow simply changing his stance. The other is him performing a jump kick, allowing him to deal damage to the opponent before the actual fight.
  • Crow is a playable character in Tekken 3 via codes used in the "Action Replay" device.
  • Crow, and all the other members of the Tekken Force in Tekken Card Challenge, have the same codenames as the members from Tekken 3's Tekken Force side game.
  • In Tekken Card Challenge, all the playable characters have 100 HP, with the exception of Crow, who only has 50 HP.

Tekken 3[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Crow is a member of the Tekken Force and the weakest of the enemies that appear as opponents in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3

Tekken Card Challenge[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Tekken Card Challenge Crow.

Crow is an unlockable playable character in Tekken Card Challenge, a game in the Tekken series that is non-canonical.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Several Crows (in different colors and variations) appear in TTT2's Fight Lab, as opponents to Combot.

Character Relationships[edit]