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Tekken Card Challenge

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Tekken Card Challenge
Platforms WonderSwan
Release Date WonderSwan
  • JPN June 17, 1999
Arcade System
Genre Fighting
Game modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Predecessor Tekken 3
Followed By Tekken Tag Tournament
Official site

Development & Release[edit]

Tekken Card Challenge is a Tekken game. It was released only for the WonderSwan. It uses the characters from Tekken 3, plus an exclusive character to the game named Crow.


Tekken Card Challenge utilizes a system similar to its Pokémon counterpart. Two opponents are to fight at a time, with various cards for different maneuvers and a 100 point HP total for damage accumulation. The player begins with a hand of four cards, drawing more as the duel proceeds. The battle system is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! in that the three types of cards perform in a rock, paper, and scissors pattern. Attack cards are played against each other to compare values with the loser being discarded and deducting HP, an attack card played against a defense nullifies each other (except in the case of a counter), and two block cards cancel each other out. There is also a minor system of air juggling, which can be quite damaging given the correct order of cards.


Tekken Card Challenge also provides the player with a variety of game modes. There is a link mode present, 1-player battle, 2-player battle and (the main mode) Adventure, which allows the player to unlock more characters and duel opponents. In adventure mode, the player is given movement of a character sprite in a full environment taken place on a 15 x 15 square grid to traverse. The point of each stage is to defeat each "duelist" given limited number of steps and gain entrance to the exit.


  • *Unlockable

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