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1True Ogre.png
Name True Ogre
Origin Aztec Empire
Voiced By N/A
Fighting Style Personal style sampled from many fighters
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Varies in form
Weight Varies in form
Occupation God of Fighting
Hobby Unknown
Likes Destruction
Dislikes Jin Kazama
Devil Jin
Devil Kazuya
Jun Kazama
Heihachi Mishima (TTT)


True Ogre is the final boss for every fighter in Tekken 3, along with its other form, Ogre. True Ogre is the true form of Ogre, as well as his stronger form. Once Ogre is defeated once in Arcade mode by the player, Ogre will absorb Heihachi Mishima to transform into True Ogre. However, if the player chose Heihachi and defeated Ogre with Heihachi, Ogre will absorb Jin Kazama instead. True Ogre has all of Ogre's moves, with the exception of "Ancient Power" (During enemy's attack b+1+2), but True Ogre has some extra moves, such as flying, breathing fire, and teleporting.

His title in the original trilogy is God of Fighting.

Games in order of appearance:


Tekken 3[edit]

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Character Portrait: True Ogre, Tekken 3.
Tekken 3 screenshot: True Ogre VS True Ogre.


True Ogre's fighting style is pretty much the same as Ogre's fighting style, which is essentially a combination of moves used by other Tekken characters. True Ogre also has Ogre's "Serpent's Venom" (f,F+2") and (only in Tekken Tag Tournament) "Azteca Shoot" (SS+4) moves. True Ogre also has unique moves of its own based on its changed physical appearence, such as "Hell's Flame" (1+2) and "Blazing Inferno" (d+1+2), which are its two moves that involve breathing fire, "Buffalo Horn" (d/f+1+2), which is a launching move where True Ogre thrusts its horns in an upwards motion, "Demon's Feast" (Hit by an enemy punch while going forward in a crouch), "Owl's Hunt" (3+4 while lying down), which is a move where True Ogre teleports from laying on the ground to flying in the air, followed by True Ogre flying into its opponent, "Mid Tail Spinner" (d/f+3+4), "Double Tail Spinner" (d/f+3+4,3+4), "Low Tail Spinner" (d+3+4), and "Evil Wheel" (u+3+4).


The God of Fighting... The legend of Native Americans says the Ogre is the war weapon which creatures from outer space left on earth in ancient time. It understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbs them.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Ogre has successfully transformed into its true form, True Ogre, and bursts through the temple. Tekken Force helicopters try to contain him only to be destroyed. True Ogre roars as the temple burns behind him.
Devil Within (Unofficial Synopsis)
True Ogre appears in Devil Within. It is referred to as simply "Ogre". True Ogre is the boss for Level 3 and Level 5. After being defeated at Level 5, True Ogre will morph into a third form, Monstrous Ogre. Apparently, despite being called True Ogre, that is not Ogre's true form. It is unknown if Devil Within is canonical or not.


  • True Ogre becomes a playable character in Tekken 3 after beating the game nine times.
  • In Tekken 3, if either character is True Ogre, the background of the stage being played on will be shrouded in darkness. The ground of the stage will however still be clearly visible.
  • True Ogre's sub-bosses in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3 are (in order of appearance) King, Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, and Heihachi Mishima.

Spin-Offs and Related Games[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

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Character Portrait: True Ogre, Tekken Tag Tournament.
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: True Ogre VS True Ogre.


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Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
True Ogre is shown. Then, a laser beam is shown missing True Ogre. True Ogre notices this, and then it notices Devil flying through the air. True Ogre breathes fire at Devil, but Devil dodges it. Devil shoots another laser. True Ogre flies into the air to avoid it. While flying, True Ogre breathes more fire at Devil, but it doesn't hit Devil. Devil fires a third laser beam. True Ogre teleports to avoid it, and it reappears behind Devil. Then, True Ogre pushes Devil to the ground by stomping on it with both of its feet. True Ogre flies into the air and breathes fire on Devil's body, and after doing that, True Ogre flies higher. This ending takes place in Unknown's stage.


  • In the arcade version the stage's animation will change if True Ogre is involved but this was taken out when the game was on console

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

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True Ogre fighting Angel in the game's opening


True Ogre will be featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He serves as the midboss of Stage 8 and since he has no partner, his entire health bar must be depleted. He will also regenerate health slowly. In addition to many of the moves he had in Tekken 3 and the original Tekken Tag Tournament, he now also borrows moves from more characters such as Hwoarang, Lili, Alisa, Paul, Kuma and Panda, Bob, Anna and Devil Jin. True Ogre is called Ogre in this game.

Story (From Wii U Edition)

A fearsome beast that grows by sucking out the souls of powerful warriors. His left arm is adorned with razor-sharp talons, while his right arm is composed of a slithering mass of serpents[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

From a camera's point of view, we see a destroyed city up in flames. The camera then fixes on True Ogre as the cameraman flees. True Ogre then ejects more fire from his mouth as the camera is destroyed by its flames.


  • He fights against Angel in the game's opening cinematic. [1]
  • In this game, True Ogre's right arm is composed of many small snakes entwined together, whereas before, his right arm was just one big snake.
  • After the player defeats Heihachi and Jinpachi, Heihachi will press a button which opens a trap door on the player's characters, causing them to land in a pit. When the characters get up, they spot that Ogre is in the pit and Ogre will combat the player.
  • Should the player lose, True Ogre will appear to be eating the player's characters in the continue screen. Should the player win, a giant light will engulf True Ogre from behind which makes him disappear. Jun is revealed to be the cause of the light and a fight will ensue against her.
  • Unlike most of the characters, True Ogre has his own stage, Naraku.
  • His name in the game is simply Ogre. Ogre's name is now Ancient Ogre.
  • He has a special intro right before the final round in which he will roar loudly in a similar fashion to Azazel, and is the only boss in the Arcade mode to do so.
  • His item move has him slam down the opponent with a sword made of stone.

Tekken Revolution[edit]

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Ogre (top right) alongside the starting eight characters.
Gold Ogre fighting King.

Ogre appears in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution, serving as the Final Boss of Arcade Battle. On higher difficulty settings, a golden version of Ogre will appear at random, which will net the player a larger reward upon defeating him. This form is far more aggressive, and is better at reading the player's moves in order to either block or counter them.


Character Trivia[edit]

  • Although Ogre can speak, True Ogre is incapable of speaking. It can only roar.
  • In a similar case to Azazel, a golden True Ogre will occasionally appear in Tekken Revolution, giving a reward of 600 gift points when defeated.

Character Relationships[edit]