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This article is about the second King. For the first, see King I.
Name King
Origin Mexico.png Mexico
Voiced By N/A
Fighting Style Professional Wrestling
Age 24 (At time of King I's death)
28 (T3)
30 (T4, T5/T5:DR, T6/T6:BR, TTT2)
Blood Type A
Height 200 cm (6'7")
Weight 125 kg (275 lbs)

90 kg (198 lbs) (T3)

Occupation Manager of orphanage (T3) and pro-wrestler (T3-T6)
Co-owner of the Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Wild Kingdom (T6)
Hobby Helping orphaned children (T3), training
Likes Celebrating victories with the first Armor King (T3)
Happy children
Craig Marduk (T6)
Dislikes Tears of children (T3)
Craig Marduk (T4-T5)
the second Armor King (T6)


King (キング Kingu) is a character in the Tekken series, and the successor of the first King, who was killed by Ogre. King II first appeared in Tekken 3, and he has returned in all the other Tekken games after such. The first Armor King taught King how to fight before The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3.

Like his predecessor, King II is someone who cares greatly for the orphanage (as he himself was a child there) and earns income for it by wrestling. Though he is considered as someone calm and disciplined, nearly every prologue given to him involves him attempting to avenge someone and is blinded by anger and fury. As a side job, he currently runs the mixed martial arts gym, Wild Kingdom, alongside Marduk. King shows great respect for other fighters especially his predecessor and his mentor. He has also been shown to be very forgiving as he had forgiven Marduk for killing the first Armor King and for taunting him using the black jaguar mask. Like Marduk, he does not know the second Armor King's true intentions and is rather confused considering the death of the first. Like his predecessor, King has his moves and chain throws. He overall has the most chain throws in the entire roster of Tekken and also has the longest and most damaging chain throw. He also has various real life professional wrestling moves, throws along with those present in the gaming world. He also has many strong and powerful throws aside from his long chain throws and is renowned in the series for said throws. King is overall a man who has many obligations in life and has a strong determination for personal tasks but also looks at the repercussions. King had nearly killed Marduk at the end of the fourth tournament but chose not to. He later became friends with Marduk after defeating him in the fifth tournament. He's also determined to keep the orphanage started by the first King alive.

His title in the original trilogy is Anger of Beast.

Games in order of appearance:

Other appearances:


Tekken 3

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken 3.
Tekken 3 screenshot: King VS King.

Gameplay (Official Prima Strategy Guide)

King is a very powerful fighter who can finish an opponent in a hurry, should he need to. Moves like the Exploder and Frankensteiner are extremely powerful, inflicting high damage and proving difficult to block--the Frankensteiner is particularly hard to avoid. Learn these moves and you'll have a winning chance, no matter how bad things look.

King is a deceptively fast character who surprises many opponents with the rate at which he moves around the battle area. You can use this speed to score a couple of easy hits at the start of the match, then as the bout continues, apply it to move in on your enemy and use one of King's many throwing attacks. This combination of speed and throwing ability is unrivaled.

Because of his many varied techniques, King is the hardest character to escape from, once he has started a sequence of throws. Use this to your advantage. Always vary your throwing combinations--your foe will have no idea what's coming next and little chance of escaping the chain of moves.

King has got one of the best kick reversals in Tekken 3, therefore you should use it whenever possible. An opponent cannot escape it once it has been used, making it invaluable against characters who have many low kicking attacks, such as Law and Lei.

Because of his wrestling background, King doesn't have many basic punching and kicking attacks, so unless you know how to use his throwing techniques, you soon hit trouble. If you try to play King like you would a normal character, you give yourself no chance at all. King is a wrestler, so if you want to control him well, you must learn to play like a wrestler. This means using all of his throwing attacks to maximum effect.

King's 10-string combo attacks are very slow, and therefore very easy for an opponent to block or, worse still, reverse. This makes King's string attack almost useless--a major failing.

King has a real problem getting out of pressure situations. This is particularly evident when you fight a character who likes to "chip away" at an opponent--Lei, Yoshimitsu, Nina, and Ling are all examples. Due to the fact that King's regular attacks are slow, it's very hard to get this type of opponent out of your face once he or she gets started.

When you're playing as King, you need to be close to your opponent in order to make his throwing and multi-part strengths pay. It requires excellent skill on the part of the King player to get around this shortcoming. Until you are an expert, getting near enough to use your big moves is a real headache.


Prologue (Manual; Official Prima Strategy Guide)
Version 1: King is a young man who was raised in the original King's orphanage. After being savagely attacked by Ogre, his mentor's dying wish was for King to take over the orphanage. He now fights as a pro-wrestler to support the orphanage.
Version 2: Heir to the throne. He's really King the second. Raised in King's orphanage, he was 24 years old when the original King was killed. He put on the mask and assumed the role of King's successor, in order to honor his mentor and save the orphanage. The new King had only watched his mentor and really was incapable of fulfilling the legend. Armor King, knowing who killed King, felt an obligation to prepare King the Second for a rightful revenge. Four years have passed and King the Second is now a skillful wrestler. Feeling the time is right, Armor King tells his student that the God of Fighting was responsible for King's death. Armor King breaks down in tears as he tells the gruesome story. King the Second now knows his purpose in life.
Ending, "Destiny" (Unofficial Synopsis)
King is wrestling against another wrestler and easily takes him out. Armor King is cheering him on from the background. King is awarded the championship belt when he notices that Armor King has left the arena. King runs to the dressing room where he finds Armor King sitting with his head down; holding his mask instead of wearing it.


  • King's bosses in the Tekken Force side game are (in order of appearance) Lei Wulong, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • In Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, King's second costume has him wearing a mask similar to Armor King's black jaguar mask with one green eye and one red eye. In Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Armor King's mask is one of King's customization items.

Tekken 4

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken 4.
Tekken 4 screenshot: King VS King.

Gameplay (Official Prima Strategy Guide)

King is the ultimate wrestler. His attacks are powerful and long reaching, and he has good distance-closing moves. However, his reversals only work on kicks, and some of his multi-link throws, which can be easily broken, are too strenuous to pull off in the heat of battle. He is also a bit on the slow side.

King returns to wreak havoc and avenge the death of his mentor, Armor King. With well over 50 throwing techniques, as well as devastating multi-link throws, King is as exciting to play as he is to watch. King can beat you with his powerful throws, and he can deal some high-damage kicks and punches. Combine the two, and King has all the markings of becoming champion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

King's strengths are his throws, so be sure to practice the timing of each in Practice Mode. Timing is extremely important when performing King's multi-link throws; it can be the difference between a glorious victory and a disgraceful defeat.

King can grab opponents in a number of different ways--from a sidestep to Crouch Dash to even snatching them up when they're on the ground. If your adversary can create space between you, close the distance with either a Shadow Lariat (f+1+2) or the Explorer (f,f+3+4). Your enemy will realize that there is nowhere to run from King's attacks.

If you've played Tekken but have not used command buffers, you'd better start now. Command buffering makes his throws much more manageable. For instance, the Manhattan Drop portion of the Reversal Special Stretch combo is (3+4, 1+2, 1+2+4). Instead of inputting (3+4, 1+2, and 1+2+4) separately, combine the last two. Hold (1+2) down while pressing (4) to make the (1+2+4). This allows you to input the commands a lot more quickly with less chance for error.

Mastering King involves playing the psychological game. You opponents always expect King to throw them, which means they tend to duck most of the time. This is why mid-level attacks are crucial to King's strategy. They force your opponent to choose to either block the mid-level and be vulnerable to a throw or be left helplessly slaughtered by a barrage of mid-level attacks. Some reliable mid-attack moves are the Konvict Kick (f,f+4) and Rolling Sobat (f+4)

To further confuse opponents, mix in some high pokes with those formidable mid-level attacks. When they least expect it, buffer in a Giant Swing (f,hcf+1) from a high poke. The Giant Swing poke combo command looks like this: (f+1) or (f+2,1) then buffer in (hcf+1) to execute the Giant Swing without hesitation.

Remember that King is a wrestler. Against quicker fighters, be patient and find the optimum moment to attack. His sheer number of throws can overwhelm even the most stalwart of opponents. There's nothing more fun than pulling off a five-linked throw and watching your opponent mash away like there's no tomorrow. An expert King player will mix up attacks and be unpredictable. Put all that into effect, and there should be nothing that stands in your way of seeking retribution for your mentor's murderer.


Prologue (In-Game Text)
Armor King was murdered. King swore upon Armor King’s grave that he would seek revenge against the man responsible for his mentor’s death. The murderer was serving time in an Arizona State Penitentiary. With the money he earned from professional wrestling tournaments, King arranged for the murderer’s release. King then sent him a plane ticket and an article about the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. With his plans in motion, King headed for the Tournament to await his sworn enemy, the Vale Tudo fighter.
Epilogue (In-Game Text)
After the Tournament, King donated Mishima Zaibatsu's vast fortune to help the impoverished children of the world. But King had unfinished business to attend to. King went to the hospital where Marduk was receiving treatment.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
When King arrives at the hospital where Marduk is being treated, all he feels is the pain that flows through his body from the death of his mentor. The only thing left for him to do is to keep the promise he made to Armor King. He entered the room where Marduk was confined in, grabbed Marduk's oxygen mask, and raises his fist to deliver the final blow. Right as he is about to end Marduk's life, he notices a picture of Marduk and his parents. He realizes that he too was becoming a killer and that two wrongs don't make a right, and walks away quietly.


  • This is the only game to show that King has long hair. He also has this look in Namco X Capcom.

Tekken 5

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken 5.
Tekken 5 screenshot: King VS King.
CG art in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Gameplay (Official BradyGames Strategy Guide)

King has a pro wrestling background, so naturally he has one of the strongest throw selections of all the characters in Tekken 5. He has a throw for almost every situation. The majority of King's moves do very good damage. He has among the strongest jabs in the game, in terms of damage. He has very good up-close options against his opponents, and he has a good balance of ranged attacks to close in on his ideal range. King's ideal range is within throw range. Once he is there, the opponent should fear the throws because he has so many of them. That's where King's other moves really shine. Moves like Elbow Sting (d/f+1,2) and Jab Uppercut (2,1) are excellent advancing moves that can start your offensive flow-and-throw game. King does huge damage off a basic throw and mid hitting move mix-up. One of his best mix-ups is Elbow Sting and throwing. While very basic, it is one of the most important and effective mix-ups that King has, especially against faster characters. Mix up throws that have different escapes. His throws do a decent amount of damage, and they can add up quickly. Learn his multi-throw combinations. They will easily decimate any opponent who doesn't know how to escape them. They are very good if King can land the initial grab, because most of his throws have different options for throw escapes.

King lacks a solid juggle starter. His primary one, the Hop Kick (u/f+4), does not have the desired range and is not completely safe when blocked. Also, a lot of King's moves can be sidestepped and sidewalked at mid range, so King has to work harder to get into his ideal range. King's doesn't have a solid anti-high move. This is very hard against characters like Nina and Steve, who have a strong jab game. King has to be solid defensively, and must punish and duck at the right time. Against players who play defensively and hold back the whole time, King has a hard time getting in. Play smart. Find holes in their defensive game, and attack accordingly.

King is best near walls. He can inflict a lot of damage by knocking his opponent into a wall. He can also throw his opponent into a wall with a Giant Swing (f,hcf+1), leading to an easy 50% damage. After wall stuns, King can set up his Moonsault Body Press (1+4) for some guaranteed damage. Also, King can jab the opponent in the air and get them to hit the wall. Then he can end with one of his stronger moves, such as Shoulder Tackle (f+2+3).


Prologue (In-Game Text)
King, a wrestler with the spirit of two champions. After beating Craig Marduk, he followed Marduk to the hospital to kill him. Then he realized revenge was not the answer. Later, King heard Marduk challenged him to a rematch wearing the black jaguar's mask. "I won't let him disgrace my master!" says King. They will settle their score in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
Interludes (Unofficial Synopsis)
Stage 4 Julia Chang: Julia tells King to not let Marduk's words get to him and not to fight, but he refuses. Julia then decides to stop King herself. After King wins, he declares Marduk will be next, showing no concerns of Julia after.
Stage 7 Craig Marduk: King and Marduk are standing against each other and Marduk tells King that he will take him down "fair and square." After King wins, Marduk admits defeat and King helps him up.
Final Stage Jinpachi Mishima: King walks through Final Stage 2. Jinpachi (in human form) walks up behind him and says, "I'm impressed that you've made it this far. I am Jinpachi Mishima. My goal... My goal is to destroy all existence!" Shortly after Jinpachi starts to speak, King turns around and notices him. After he finishes speaking, Jinpachi transforms into his "Devil" form.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
As two tag-team wrestlers are about to beat him, King reaches out his hand to tag his partner, Craig Marduk. Marduk gives the two wrestlers a severe beating, and for the finishing move, King places the opponent's neck on his shoulder and grabs their thighs. He then jumps up, while Marduk runs up to the other opponent and places his head between the opponent's legs. He flips the opponent upside down, places his feet on the underside of their arms, and drives the opponent into the canvas. Kings lands on top of them in a sit-out position, taking out their opponents together. King and Marduk then won the championship belts.


  • In King's ending, Marduk's move is called the Muscle Driver, while King does the Muscle Buster. Both are famous techniques of Suguru Kinniku, the protagonist of Kinnikuman.
  • King can be customized to wear his Player 1 outfit from Tekken 3 in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
  • Like several other characters, King has a special move called King's Extended Supercharger, which consists of him "dancing" around his opponent. The command for this move is "1+2+3+4~1+2+3".

Tekken 6

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken 6 (arcade).
CG art in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken 6 console
Tekken 6 screenshot: King VS King.


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Prologue (In-Game Text)
In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King faced Marduk in a grueling battle that ironically resulted in a friendship between the two after the fight. Upon returning from the ring, Marduk was ambushed by someone dressed as Armor King. King was furious and vowed to find the culprit, but was unsuccessful in his attempt.
With the world engulfed in war, King all but gave-up looking for Marduk's attacker when he received an invitation from Marduk to join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. If they both participated in the tournament, perhaps the Armor King imposter would appear once again. With that hope in his mind, King decided to take part in the contest.
Ending, "Mysteries of The Armor King: Revealed" (Unofficial Synopsis)
At his home, King examines an old photo of his mentor, Armor King. When he tries to put it back, it falls and accidentally breaks, revealing another photo behind the picture frame. He slowly looks at the hidden photo, which shows the original Armor King, alongside another person wearing the armor that Armor King wears. King then realizes that there are two Armor Kings.
Scenario Campaign (Unofficial Synopsis)
In the Scenario Campaign mode, King and Craig Marduk are bosses in the "Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom"" stage.


  • In the "Power is Everything" trailer, King and Craig Marduk are being confronted by Armor King in what appears to be a graveyard at 0:57 - 0:59. The scene was later revealed to be a part of Armor King's second ending
  • In King's ending, a picture of Tiger Mask, the Japanese wrestler whom King is based on, can be seen on the wall behind him.
  • King's "Item Move" feature is a grab move called the Octopus Special. The command for this move is "D/B+1+2", and it replaces "Figure Four Leg Lock" ([1]). The Octopus Special was originally a Stagger Kick counter hit chain back in Tekken 2. Tekken 6 is the first game where King II has this move.
  • In the Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6, King and Marduk are bosses in the Mixed Martial Arts Gym Wild Kingdom.

Tekken 7

Gallery - Outfit

King's CG-art in Tekken 7
File:King II T7 FR.png
Leo's CG-art in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution and Tekken 7 console


King has received additional moves and strings from both Marduk and Armor King. For example: King has Armor King's "Dark Elbow Hook", and the string can be altered, using Marduk's "Hook Smash Combo" instead.

Story (Official Website)

King is not only a masked professional wrestler but also the proud owner of an orphanage. Recently, King's sworn friend and comrade, Craig Marduk, as well as the man King called his master, both engaged in a bloody fight which left them with critical injuries.

King desperately wanted to come to his friends' rescue but knew that their operations wouldn't come cheap. At the same time, King's orphanage was in constant danger owing to the war that raged between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Finding himself caught between a rock and a hard place, King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament with his eyes set firmly on the cash prize.


Jack is momentarily defeated, but he gets up and tells King that all of his moves have now been analyzed. Unable to touch the machine, King proceeds to enter Marduk's "Ready Position", tackling Jack and performing the "Melon Masher.

While Jack is able to knock King back, King retaliates with Armor King's "Round Out Elbow", finally defeating Jack.


  • One of his "new" intro poses is actually one of Armor King's intro poses.

Spin-offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken Tag Tournament.
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: King VS King.


King is featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament, a non-canonical Tekken game.


Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
King practices a multiple throw combination on a wooden dummy that looks very similar to Mokujin (although it isn't Mokujin) while Armor King watches. The throws are Cobra Clutch, Cobra Twist, Reverse DDT, Backdrop, Burning Hammer and Screwdriver. This attack deals 126 damage if done in battle, and with an ordinary wrestler it can prove to be lethal. After King finishes, Armor King gives him a thumbs up. Finally, King extends his arms to his sides and looks up to the sky in victory. This ending takes place in King's stage.


  • He has a special tag throw with Armor King done by pressing b,1+2&5(tag button)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
King with JayCee and Armor King II.

King is featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a non-canonical Tekken game.

Story (From Wii U Edition)

After the murder of his foster parent Armor King, King vowed to take down the culprit Craig Marduk with his own hands. After defeating Marduk, however, he realized the insanity of his motives and stopped himself before killing him. He had his second chance in a revenge match against Marduk after that. But by the end of the fight, they accepted each other and a friendship of sorts emerged[1].


Marduk is seen fighting Jaycee in the Arena. Marduk struggles but manages to knock Jaycee into the air and release her sleeper hold. King later catches her in mid-air and hits her with a Tombstone Piledriver. Armor King attempts to retaliate but is knocked down by King. Armor King manages to slip out of King submission hold and grabs King. Before he can slam King down, King reverses his opponent's hold and knocks out Armor King. Marduk then grabs and raises King's hand along with his own, signifying their victory.


  • He has a special throw with Armor King II where instead of throwing the opponent away he and Armor King perform a double clothesline [2]
  • He has a special throw with Marduk where he will perform the "Giant swing" while Marduk will grab the opponent and Perform Arm Bar Flip.
  • He has a special win pose with Armor King where Armor King will raise King's hand in victory
  • His item move has him perform a running jaguar bomb on the opponent while King's partner will appear to count the pinfall
  • He has a tag throw with Feng Wei where instead of throwing the opponent away he will clothesline them from behind, while Feng simultaneously delivers a Jumping right kick to the mid section and strikes a Kenpo-esque pose.
  • He has a special tag throw with Jaycee. He performs Throw Away into Jaycee's Dropkick.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait:, King II, Street Fighter X Tekken.
King vs Guile

King will be featured as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, an upcoming crossover game between the Tekken and Street Fighter franchises.

Story (Official Site)

A pro wrestler who wears a Jaguar mask to the ring. He swore revenge against Armor King's killer, Marduk, but eventually reconciled with his monstrous adversary. He is a silent and serious fighter. King obtains information that a man fitting the description of Armor King has boarded a ship bound for the Antarctic, so him and Marduk begin their trek despite some uncertainty.

Prologue (In-Game Text)

King and Marduk continue searching for the man resembling Armor King. Rumors persisted that a man who looked like King's former mentor has boarded a ship heading for the Antarctic. However... whether that information is credible or not is another story. The entire Antarctic is on high alert due to the news of a box found in a meteorite, and as such ordinary civilians cannot travel to the continent

King: (I think I'm seeing things, but if that's really him...!)

Unable to give up just yet, King and Marduk decide to somehow infiltrate the Antarctic to continue the search.

Marduk: I guess there's only one way to make sure, huh? Let's go, King!

King: (Yeah!)

Rival Battle

While Marduk points out that the box isn't in site Ibuki suddenly attacks Marduk with her shurikens while Rolento tells King that he's going to be enlisted into Rolento's army.


King and Marduk find Armor King but as it turns out the image was only created by the box. Infuriated the two decide to get rid of the box, but not before King takes a last glimpse of his master. Later the two throw it into the ocean and watch it sink.


When King returns to the fruitless search of finding Armor King, he suddenly hears a voice taunting him. He later realizes that it was most likely the box and rules out that simply throwing away the box wasn't enough so he decides to go back to the south pole to permanently destroy Pandora.


  • King was one of the Tekken characters revealed on the 2011 Captivate event, along with Robert Richards and Craig Marduk, his official tag partner.
  • King's title is "The Silent Jaguar".
  • King is the only Tekken character with two super arts. Though both have the same start up (a slam followed by a power bomb) it may end with either either a sharpshooter or a muscle buster.

Namco X Capcom

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King II, Namco X Capcom.


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The year is 20XX (sometime in the twenty-first century), and the game is driven by the characters Arisu Reiji and Xiaomu. The two of them work for a special unit called Shinra, and they are tasked with investigating spirit and otherworldly disturbances. They are investigating a strange "sleeping sickness" in the Shibuya area of Japan, when it becomes apparent that something much larger is at stake. Characters, both good and evil, from other times and other worlds begin appearing in Japan, in the year 20XX.

King II appears in Namco X Capcom as playable character, where he teams up with Felicia from Darkstalkers.


  • Namco × Capcom is a hybrid of an action-RPG and a strategy-RPG, released by Namco only in Japan.

Tekken Revolution

Gallery - Outfit

King alongside the other seven starting characters.
King facing off against Jack-6.

King is featured in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution as one of the starting eight characters. As with the rest of the cast, his appearance and moveset are carried over directly from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Atlas' Hammer: d+1+2.
Rolling Sobat: f+4.
Shoulder Tackle: f+2+3.
Leg Breaker: FC,d/f+1.
Body Blow: FC,d/f+2.

Tekken (Mobile)

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: King


Character Trivia

  • King rivals in Tekken Card Challenge are Gun Jack, Paul Phoenix and Lei Wulong.
  • King does not speak but instead growls like a jaguar. These growls are however translated into speech via subtitles and the people he interacts with seem to clearly understand what he says.
  • King retains multiple signature or trademark wrestling grapples, attacks, and maneuvers coming from various wrestling figures, fictional or otherwise.
  • King has moves and variations of attacks from real-life wrestlers such as Goldberg's "Military Press", The Rock's "Corporate elbow" and a variation of his "Rock bottom", Sting's "Scorpion deathlock", Ric Flair's "Knife-edge chops" and "Figure-four leglock", multiple moves from the original Tiger Mask, etc.
  • King uses signature moves from fictional wrestlers in animes and mangas such Kinnikuman's Muscle Buster
  • King also shares moves with other fighting game wrestlers, such as the Giant Swing also used by Wolf Hawkfield (Virtua Fighter) and Tina Armstrong (Dead Or Alive). Also, his Tekken 5 incarnation has a version of the Spinning Pile Driver (often abbreviated as SPD), the trademark command throw of Zangief's (Street Fighter).
  • When performing the "Reverse Special Stretch Bomb", which follows up from the move "Reverse DDT" on King's "Mexican Magma Drive 2" combo, instead of doing "Backdrop", you can instead start the "Reverse Special Stretch Bomb" combo by replacing "Backdrop" with "Cannonball Buster", then continuing the combo.
  • In a poll asking Tekken: Who is your favourite character? by DigitalSpy in September 2012, King was voted sixth in the list (5%), behind Xiaoyu (5.6%) and ahead of Paul (4.4%).[3]
  • On his Championship Belt customization item from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7, the "company" on the belt is NBGI, a pun on Bandai Namco Games Inc (BNGI).


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Pre-fight Quotes
I'll rough them up good for you.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
(Where do all your weapons come from? Your creator must have been a genius!)
(If you plan on using your opponent's power against them, don't ever blink!)
(Is all that blubber really necessary? I guess it does help against attacks...) (Vs Bob)
(There's nothing I can do to save you from yourself. You leave me no choice...)
(It looks like we're both looking for someone who we've lost. I wish you luck.)
(Sorry we got in the way. But you really ought to watch where you're going.)
(You got spirit, but not the technique, kid. Better hit the gym fast!)
(Your moves are just too easy to read. Fighting humans is much better!)
(You are clearly a different man than when we first met...)
(I never meant to get in the way, but if you were planning to get in my way...)
(The jaguar is the god of all living things! It will not lose to the devil!)
(You think you can be like me by just wearing a mask? No way!) (Vs himself)
(You... Are not a wrestler dressed up in a bear's outfit. Nope.)
(You look and dress like the Tekken Force, but there's something different...)
(Everyone's got money problems, but you ought to stop looking for a quick fix.)
(Why is a Hong Kong cop here? Don't you have some work to do?)
(Listen when people are speaking to you! I am not here to get in your way!)
(Looks like I won this time, partner. That was a good sparring session!)
(I don't mean to be rude, but what exactly are you after?)
(So YOU are the one! How!? Why were you resurrected!?)
(I think before you reach for the stars, you better reach for a dumbbell!)
(Another ninja? Seems like they're just as popular as pirates these days.)
(You showed me a few tricks, thanks! Better luck next time.)
(If you really want to save Jin, you should persuade him, not help him.)
(Use anything and everything you want. It doesn't faze me.)

Character Relationships