King's Extended Supercharger

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King's Extended Supercharger
Command 1+2+3+4~1+2+3
Damage N/A
Hit Range N/A
Move Frames Hit Advantage
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Block Advantage CH Advantage
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King's Extended Supercharger is a secret move for King in Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. This move is quite similar to King's unique Supercharger, where he "dances" counter-clockwise around the opponent. It is also similar to one of King's winning animations. While the animation for both supercharger variations is completely the same, there are two key differences.

  1. The dance animation for the regular Supercharger can be escaped, the dance animation for the secret move cannot.
  2. At the end of the dance animation of the secret move, King will (re)gain Ki Power. At the end of the regular Supercharger, he will not.

The second difference is a direct result of the first. Since the animation of the secret move is longer than the duration of the Ki Power effect, the player would otherwise not be able to take advantage of the Ki Power from the initial charge.

The "dance moves" themselves are, like the design of King, inspired by the Japanese professional wrestler, Tiger Mask. When Tiger Mask circled his opponent in the ring, he did it in the same manner as King does after he charges.