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Tougou CG art
Origin Japan3.png Japan (Possibly)
Voiced By Hozumi Gōda
Age Unknown
Occupation Coup d'etat commander
Appearances Tekken 6 (home version)
Mentioned in None


Tougou (東郷 Tōgō) was introduced in the home version of Tekken 6 as an NPC in the Scenario Campaign mode. He is a friend of Lars Alexandersson and a heroic warrior. He and several other Tekken Force members helped Lars and Alisa fight against Jin Kazama and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Scenario Campaign[edit]

Tougou plays an important role in this mode, as he helps Lars and Alisa fight against Jin and the Tekken Force. He maintains contact with Lars and provides him with information while he is struck with temporary amnesia. He eventually gets killed during the fight at Millenium Tower, after Anna Williams commanded her G-Corporation troops to dispose of Lars and Alisa. In his dying breath, he gives his dog tag to Raven, with the hopes that it can be given to Lars.

Character Relationships[edit]


Tougou reappeared as a voting option for Tekken Revolution's Original Character poll. In the end, he got 9th place.