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G Corporation is a cutting-edge biotech firm making revolutionary advances in the field of biogenetics research in the Tekken series.


The earliest known activity of G-Corporation was shortly after the events of Tekken 2. During this time, researchers stumbled upon Kazuya Mishima's corpse after he was killed by his father, Heihachi, and retrieved it at Mt. Shirane. Using their technology, they were able to resurrect Kazuya from the dead and later transported his body to Nebraska. Kazuya later agreed to perform routine experiments regarding his Devil Gene in hopes of finding its source and harnessing its true potential and mechanism.

Later, during the events of Tekken 3 Jane, a scientist from the Mishima Zaibatsu, turns to work for G Corporation. The main reason was that she was attacked by the Tekken Force while doing research regarding the Jack series. However, she barely managed to escape, due to Gun Jack's sacrifice. She would go on to produce more Jack robots for the corporation such as Jack-4, Jack-5, Jack-6.

Shortly prior to the events of Tekken 4, two of G-Corporation's facilities were raided by Heihachi Mishima's Mishima Zaibatsu. Heihachi had hoped to retrieve Kazuya's remains in order to take the Devil Gene, as Heihachi had lost his previous host, Jin Kazama. Though Nepal was raided and its files were stolen, among which was Julia Chang's Forest Rejuvenation Data, the raid of the Nebraska facility ended in failure, in which Kazuya's intervention shocked Heihachi and his men.

In an attempt to retaliate against Heihachi, G Corporation then sent a squad of Jack-4s to Hon-Maru. Though Heihachi was seemingly killed, Kazuya, who interpreted this as a betrayal, escaped by transforming himself into Devil. Unknown to G Corporation, Heihachi was only blasted away when the Jacks self-destructed. They later sent in the upgrade of Jack-4, Jack-5 to participate in the fifth tournament in order to get additional battle data.

Between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, Kazuya takes his revenge against G Corporation for their attack, by killing it chief exclusives, including former Mishima Zaibatsu scientist, Emma Kliesen. Rising to the top and joined by his previous associates, Anna Williams and Bruce Irvin, Kazuya begins shaping G Corporation into a more military corporation in secret, being able to mass produce more Jack robots, weaponry, and other war vehicles. In a bid to dominate the world, Kazuya ordered that these military goods be used against the Mishima Zaibatsu's new head, Jin Kazama after he had declared independence and waged war against the world. They further increased the rivalry by creating Jack-6 in order to compete with the Mishima Zaibatsu's Nancy. Additionally, they offered an incredibly high amount of money to the person who would be able to take Jin's head. For their actions against the Zaibatsu, the world has hailed Kazuya as a hero.

During Tekken 7, G Corporation was able to create new boundaries thanks to their arms race against the Zaibatsu, now led by Heihachi. G-Corporation's biotechnological group achieved success and the weapon they created was Gigas, which was entered into the seventh tournament to be put to use.

Known Members[edit]

Kazuya Mishima - Former test subject (T4) and current head of G Corporation (T6-T7)

Anna Williams - Second-in-command to Kazuya (T6)

Bruce Irvin - In charge of G Corporation's army (T6)

Jane - Responsible for G Corporation's Jack project (Post-T3-T7)

Emma Kliesen - Former Mishima Zaibatsu scientist, with knowledge over the Devil-Human Project and was also one of the counselors to the project. (Pre-T6)

Ling Xiaoyu - Anna's planted spy on Shin Kamiya (T:BV) (Non-Canon)

Lucky Chloe - Idol and Advertiser for G Corporation (T7)

Julia Chang - A researcher who was responsible for creating the Forest Rejuvenation Data. (T4-T6)

Known Products[edit]

GENOCELL - Data regarding the Forest Rejuvenation Program of Julia Chang. The data was stolen by a raid of the Tekken Force, but was later deleted by Julia.

Gigas - A bioweapon created by physically enhancing fighters of considerable skill. Entered for the seventh tournament on a test run.

Jack-4 - Created by Jane. Used to attack Heihachi and Kazuya at Hon-Maru during the fourth tournament

Jack-5 - Created by Jane. Sent to gather battle data from the fifth tournament.

Jack-6 - Created by Jane. Sent to gather battle data from the sixth tournament

Modified Gun Jack - A modified version of Gun Jack that can also fire projectiles. Appears only in Tekken 5's Devil Within Mode.

Unknown Jack Models - Various unknown and modified Jacks were utilized by the G Corporation in the Scenario Campaign

Heihachi Clones - Clones of Heihachi Mishima. They were defeated by Jin Kazama and only appeared in Tekken 5's Devil Within Mode.