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Scenario Campaign

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Scenario Campaign is a mode for the console versions of Tekken 6. It is very similar to the "Tekken Force" side game from Tekken 3 and Tekken 4 and it also shares similarities with Tekken 5's Devil Within mode. However, in Scenario Campaign, two characters are being controlled rather than one, meaning two people can play it together. If only one person is playing, the second character will be controlled by the computer. Also, weapons (Gatling guns, flamethrowers, and lead pipes) can be picked up and used. As with Tekken Force, the fighters go through certain areas and defeat all opposing opponents. At the end, a boss character or a group of enemies will be present to fight the player and their partner. NANCY-MI847J is an optional playable character in the "Millenium Tower" stage of this mode ([1]).


Scenario Campaign features a prologue that is narrated by all members of the Mishima clan: Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama and Lars Alexandersson, also Lee Chaolan, while sketches show the events from the first Tekken up to the present time. The main protagonists of the mode are Lars (who can be replaced by any other playable character during gameplay) and Alisa Bosconovitch, who will later be replaced by Raven during the final two chapters after Jin takes control of her. In this mode, to unlock the other characters, you must fight and defeat them in their respective stages.


  • Alisa and Raven (albeit only during Mystic's Village and Azazel's Chamber only) are the only characters that will make Lars as your CPU partner. Every other character will be partnered with either of the two.
  • If you choose a character and you are playing his stage (e.g. you are playing as Lili and you are at Queen's Harbor which is her stage) there will no conversation between you and the boss of the stage, a mirror fight will proceed that means after the boss has appeared, you will immediately fight them.
  • Additionally, characters that are used in fights against members of their affiliated organization will not have conversations
  • Hwoarang, Baek, and Miguel will not have conversations with each other should one enter any of the three's stages
  • Jin, Nina, and Eddy will not have conversations in any stage that involve fighting each other or soldiers from the Mishima Zaibatsu
  • Kazuya, Anna, and Bruce will not have conversations with themselves and members of G-Corporation except Jack-6.
  • Some bosses will appear prior to the actual "boss fight", and knocking them out at this phase will end the stage immediately



Listing of stages available[edit]

  • Start Game - Contains most of the initial cutscenes and a brief fight against some Jacks. It is inaccessible after reaching the World Map.
  • Tutorial Stage - This is the escape stage of Lars and Alisa from Bosconovitch's Lab. There's no risk of dying since Alisa is teaching you the very basic concepts of playing. It is also inaccessible after reaching the World Map. The trophy and achievement "Learning is Fun" will be obtained upon completion.

Gameplay Footage[edit]

Gameplay Images[edit]

Cutscene and Dialogue Images[edit]

Scenario Campaign Cinematics[edit]



Prolougue's explaining the story up to Scenerio Campaign. It feutures the main characters of the series: Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Devil Kazuya, Jin Kazama, Ogre, Devil Jin, Jinpachi Mishima and Lars.


Part 1[edit]

As Lars and his soldiers tighten there grip on the Tekken Force it has a bad turn of events as G Coparation attack them, Lars forgets his memory and discovers a strange being on the ground floor.

Part 2[edit]

Lars finds out he is been searched for termanation, Tougou begins his journey to find Lars and things Nina, Eddy and Jin Kazama get infomation about Lars and Alisa.

Part 3[edit]

Eddy and Jin get personal while Lars and Alisa get help from Lili and Lars is told to kill Jin Kazama. Tougou finds Lars and helps him with infomation.

Part 4[edit]

Wang warns Lars about the Tekken Force, Jin and his friend Alisa. Wang and Zafina are convinced that Lars could defeat Kazuya and Jin. And Jin tells Zafina that he will destroy the evil source known as Azazel.

Part 5[edit]

Lars worrys if Alisa is a threat to him, Lars recovers his memory and battles with his father, Heihachi Mishima.

Part 6[edit]

Lars battles Heihachi and move ups to the G Coparation bases and has a friendly meeting his adoptive brother Lee.

Part 7[edit]

Lars makes a friendship with Lee and helps him out by saving his friend Julia Chang. Lars then goes to battle Tekken force members and Eddy Gordo. He then heads to the G Coparation main base tougou saves him and helps him out in battle. Lars defeats Anna and Kazuya and Tougou dies.

Part 8[edit]

Raven a mysterious ninja saves Lars and Alisa from the Nancy bot. Lars heads to fight Jin Kazama but is inturupted by Alisa who was built and worked for Jin all along. After being betrayed by Alisa, Raven teams with Lars to help him finish his journey. He then engages combat with Kazuya and fights him again, Kazuya then finds out that Lars is his brother. Kazuya decides to end the fight and warns Lars about the curse of the Mishima bloodline before walking away with Anna.

Part 9[edit]

After defeating Kazuya for the second time Lars fights Azazel and defeats him and supposedly kills him, he then fights Alisa again later trying to get to Jin. Lars then defeats Alisa and she explains that she never wanted to hurt him and that she was sorry but she could not disobey Jin. She then thanks him for treating her like a human before her program shuts down and she dies. Jin then taunts and curses Lars making Lars more angry. Finally then Lars and Jin get ready to battle.

Part 10[edit]

After the battle Jin , explains about the chaos he started around the world. He said that he must put an end to the Mishima Bloodline and save the world from Azazel's existence. Suddenly, Golden Azazel emerges in front of Lars and Jin. Expecting this Jin performed a strong punch towards Azazel's chest. However, Jin and Azazel sopposedly fall to their deaths. Nina Williams explains to him about Jin's plot for world domination with the Mishima Zaibatsu and leaves on a Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter. Lee then agrees with Lars to help repair and fix Alisa.


Raven and Lars meet outside Voilet systems. Raven then gives Lars his badge saying "Tougou told me to return it to you" Lars then leaves and is aquired with a new job with his new partner Raven. Later, Raven's crew reported that they discover the body of Jin Kazama, which was buried in the sand naked. According to his status, it is unknown whether Jin is dead or alive. The end.

Arena Mode boss list[edit]

List is in alphabetical order.
Character Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Alisa Bosconovitch Jin Kazama Kazuya Mishima Azazel Lars Alexandersson
Anna Williams Lars Alexandersson Nina Williams Jin Kazama Azazel
Armor King Bryan Fury Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Asuka Kazama Lei Wulong Feng Wei Jin Kazama Azazel
Baek Doo San Marshall Law Hwoarang Jin Kazama Azazel
Bob Ganryu Paul Phoenix Jin Kazama Azazel
Bruce Irvin Lei Wulong Nina Williams Jin Kazama Azazel
Bryan Fury Alisa Bosconovitch Yoshimitsu Jin Kazama Azazel
Christie Monteiro Eddy Gordo Nina Williams Jin Kazama Azazel
Craig Marduk Steve Fox King Jin Kazama Azazel
Devil Jin Lars Alexandersson Heihachi Mishima Kazuya Mishima Azazel
Eddy Gordo Lars Alexandersson Anna Williams Kazuya Mishima Azazel
Feng Wei Lei Wulong Asuka Kazama Jin Kazama Azazel
Ganryu Julia Chang Jack-6 Jin Kazama Azazel
Heihachi Mishima Jack-6 Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Hwoarang Steve Fox Baek Doo San Jin Kazama Azazel
Jack-6 Alisa Bosconovitch Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Jin Kazama Lars Alexandersson Azazel Kazuya Mishima Heihachi Mishima
Julia Chang Ganryu Bruce Irvin Jin Kazama Azazel
Kazuya Mishima Lars Alexandersson Heihachi Mishima Azazel Devil Jin
King Bob Craig Marduk Jin Kazama Azazel
Kuma Panda Paul Phoenix Jin Kazama Azazel
Lars Alexandersson Kazuya Mishima Azazel Alisa Bosconovitch Jin Kazama
Lee Chaolan Heihachi Mishima Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Lei Wulong Feng Wei Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Leo Kliesen Bruce Irvin Anna Williams Kazuya Mishima Azazel
Lili Alisa Bosconovitch Lars Alexandersson Jin Kazama Azazel
Ling Xiaoyu Asuka Kazama Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Marshall Law Baek Doo San Craig Marduk Zafina Ganryu
Miguel Caballero Rojo Eddy Gordo Nina Williams Kazuya Mishima Azazel
Mokujin Leo Kliesen Zafina Jin Kazama Azazel
Nina Williams Lars Alexandersson Anna Williams Kazuya Mishima Azazel
Panda Kuma Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Paul Phoenix Leo Kliesen Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Raven Jack-6 Heihachi Mishima Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama
Roger Jr. Bryan Fury Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Sergei Dragunov Eddy Gordo Nina Williams Jin Kazama Azazel
Steve Fox Heihachi Mishima Nina Williams Jin Kazama Azazel
Wang Jinrei Lars Alexandersson Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
Yoshimitsu Alisa Bosconovitch Bryan Fury Jin Kazama Azazel
Zafina Raven Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Azazel
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