Container Terminal 3

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Container Terminal 3 is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode. Jack-6 fought here. Clearing this stage and defeating Jack will unlock him in Scenario Campaign and Arena mode. This stage is optional unless you want to unlock Jack-6. Many Jack bots are fought here. There are three very big ones with large health bars fought here (excluding Jack-6). They can be easily defeated by knocking them into the water. This stage is located at a harbor. A large tanker, which your enemies jump out from, is burning in the water. Like South Bay Warehouse Area, your opponents, your character and your partner can be knocked into the water.

Alisa's Journal[edit]

"A large number of robots exited the anchored tanker. They appear to be the property of G Corporation, serial name: JACK. These robots make me feel something akin to the human emotion called nostalgia. Most likely just an error in my memory banks."

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