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Name Ogre
Origin Unknown
Voiced By N/A
Fighting Style Personal style sampled from many fighters
Age Immortal
Blood Type Immortal Blood
Height Changes depending on current form
Weight Changes depending on current form
Occupation God of Fighting (Toshin), Biological Weapon of aliens
Hobby Killing and searching for souls
Likes Strong Souls
his true form
Dislikes Jin Kazama
Jun Kazama
Heihachi Mishima


Ogre was introduced in Tekken 3, and returned for Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

He is the final boss along with True Ogre in Tekken 3. Ogre is the Aztec God of Fighting infused with mythical powers. Despite not being able to defy gravity during gameplay, Ogre can be seen doing this in animations shown both before Ogre fights an opponent and after Ogre defeats an opponent. Also, Ogre can absorb souls to increase its power (like it does to Heihachi Mishima, or Jin Kazama if Heihachi is the one that defeats Ogre in Tekken 3), depending on how strong the soul is. Heihachi Mishima was after Ogre to use its blood on himself, hoping to enhance the action of the Devil Gene and to become the ultimate immortal life form.

His main notabilities was his lack of original moves and his attacks on various fighters of Tekken 2. The entire situation was that he had attacked various fighters and that he stole some of their moves during the attack such as Jun's Windmill kick or Baek's Hunting Hawk. Though he was only confirmed to have attack Baek, Jun and the first King his moves are also taken from Lee, Anna, Wang, Bruce along with various Tekken Force members. These attacks would result with the hatred of various characters namely, Hwoarang, Jin, and the second King. In Street Fighter X Tekken Jin and Hwoarang still remember Ogre's actions towards Jun and Baek as seen in both of their win quotes against him. His influence as a "fighting god" can be seen in Street X Tekken as characters like Steve and even Akuma recognize and respect his immense strength. His origins are unknown as he had emerged from earth but his story shows that he is a weapon left on earth by unknown creatures, Julia had even called him a legendary living biological weapon in her win quote.

Ogre's blood also shows a very strong rejuvenating properties, as it was sought after heavily by Heihachi and Yoshimitsu. In Heihachi's prologue from Tekken 4, Ogre's blood was one of the necessary components that Heihachi had to immortality, the other being the less stable Devil Gene. Yoshimitsu's ending involved Dr Boskonovitch using Ogre's blood on a mouse, resulting in the mouse mutating to ginormous proportions.

His title in the original trilogy is God of Fighting.

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Tekken 3

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Character Portrait: Ogre, Tekken 3
Tekken 3 screenshot: Ogre VS Ogre


To see from whom Ogre got his individual moves from, please refer to his move list.

Ogre's fighting style is mostly a combination of moves from other Tekken characters, who did not appear in Tekken 3. Anna Williams seems to be the sole exception. This is because she was not featured in the arcade version of game, thus justifying Ogre's use of her moves, however, why she is later featured in the console version is unknown. Because Ogre "stole" most of his techniques, he is the only character with no string-combo, other than Gon.


The God of Fighting... The legend of Native Americans says Ogre is the war weapon which creatures from outer space left on earth in ancient time. It understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbs them. It wanders the earth in search of strong souls.
Ending, "Awakening" (Unofficial Synopsis)
Ogre has successfully transformed into its true form, True Ogre, and bursts through the temple. Tekken Force helicopters have arrived to shoot True Ogre. However True Ogre destroys both helicopters with a fire breath and a slam. He then roars as the temple burns behind him.


  • Ogre's bosses in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3 are (in order of appearance) King, Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • Ogre becomes a playable character in Tekken 3 after beating the game eight times.
  • In the Arcade opening movie for Tekken 3, which shows Ogre and Jin, along with cameos of Kazuya and Jun, Ogre is shown in the darkness holding something. It is usually interpreted as either the top of a temple pillar or a head with long hair. It is presumed to be Jun's head, although it wasn't confirmed. It's likely that this was a vision of Jin thinking that this is what has happened to his mother, since Jin did not see the fight between Jun and Ogre.([1])

Spin-Offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament

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Character Portrait: Ogre, Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: Ogre VS Ogre


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Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Ogre picks up an unconscious Jin Kazama with one hand. It holds him up and looks at him for a few seconds. Then, Ogre notices something, turns around, and drops Jin. It is revealed to be Unknown, who is shown without the wolf-like creature. Unknown stares at Ogre, and Ogre stares at Unknown. This ending takes place in Ogre's stage.


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Namco X Capcom

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Ogre in Namco X Capcom


Ogre appears in his first form in Namco X Capcom.


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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Character Portrait TTT2
Intro Scene featuring Ogre

Ogre will be featured as a DLC character in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


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Brutal and ruthless, Native American legend says the Ogre was a weapon of war that creatures from outer space left on earth in an ancient time. It understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbed them. [2]

A mysterious entity unearthed from ancient runes. The Ogre legend speaks of it being a weapon of destruction left by alien creatures eons ago. It’s said to have the ability to understand all life forms and man-made structures, and to absorb them into itself. It wanders the earth, seeking out stronger souls, but the rest of it is shrouded in mystery. [3]

(From Wii U Etidion)

A mysterious entity unearthed from ancient ruins. Rumor has it that it was a weapon of mass destruction left here by extraterrestrials. With an in-depth knowledge of the makeup of every living creature and man-made object on the planet, it has the ability to absorb these things into itself. It seems to have no other drive aside from satiating its thirst for even stronger souls[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

The alien race that created Ogre sends several more copies of himself from portals from outer space. The screen pans out to reveal them literally towering over buildings and cities before trampling over many of them. The ogres continue to scout the land, leaving burning fires in their wake.


  • He is called Ancient Ogre in this game, presumably because True Ogre was listed as "Ogre" when he was introduced in the arcade version.
  • He has a special tag throw with True Ogre where he will use telekinesis to lift the opponent allowing True Ogre to grab them. Shortly after Ogre will ram the opponent after True Ogre throws them down.[4]
  • He has a special winpose with Unknown where the two will confront each other the same way as his Tekken Tag Tournament ending.
  • His item move has him suck energy out of the opponent, causing them to look shriveled and malnourished.
  • He has a special winpose with Devil Jin where the two will fly away in opposite directions.
  • He has a special winpose with Heihachi where he will attempt to grab Heihachi only to be stopped by his hand.

Street Fighter X Tekken

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Ogre's official SFXT artwork.
Ogre vs Rufus

Ogre has been confirmed to be playable in Street Fighter X Tekken. He has no official tag team partner.


Something was calling him form a place beyond reach. Yet with each passing day the voice grew louder. Within the darkness, the eyes of Ogre opened. The voice sounded like the one who had created him in the distant past. Shaking off the darkness, Ogre stood tall.

Ogre: (It's finally time.)

Rival Battle

Ogre stands tall before Pandora, but just as he would break the barriers around the box, he immediately senses a Gohadoken coming straight for him, and he immediately catches and squishes the fireball, saying: (So this planet does have some strong warriors, after all.). Seeing Akuma atop a nearby cliff, Ogre says: (Come then, tempt your fate at my hands.).


The box is opening. Ogre is seen walking towards the box and stops. He spreads his arms and is starting to glow. A few seconds later, Ogre dissolves and enters inside the box. The box closes and flies into the sky.


The alien race that created Ogre had left him here on Earth, but after thousands of years, they sent a means for him to return home. The Pandora. The box had taken him apart and carried him home.

When Ogre regained consciousness, he found before his eyes countless mechanical versions of himself. Instantly, Ogre understood. He had been left on Earth to gain strategic information through his various battles.

Now, the data Ogre possessed would be passed along to this invading army, to increase their power...


  • Ogre serves as the final boss for each character from the Street Fighter series. Likewise, Akuma is the final boss for each Tekken character.


Character Trivia

  • In the Japanese version, Ogre is written as Toshin (闘神). "闘" means "fight" or "war", and "神" means "God". He is called Ogre in Japan also.
  • Ogre shares many similarities to Cell from Dragon Ball Z. They are both genetically engineered bio-weapons, green, tall, possess alien DNA, and have similar attitudes. Also, they both absorb the souls of other lifeforms to get more power and possess many moves from various fighters from their universes.
  • Ogre is thought to have attacked and killed Jun Kazama and other Tekken characters because those characters disappeared from the Tekken games and Ogre has some of their moves.
  • Although Ogre can speak (what he is saying is Japanese backwards), True Ogre is incapable of speaking. He can only roar.
  • Ogre's rivals in Tekken Card Challenge are Heihachi Mishima, King II and Hwoarang.
  • Most of Ogre's moves are borrowed from other characters. Overall, he only has three unique moves (Ancient Power, Serpent's Venom, and Azteca Shoot (TTT only)).
  • In his Street Fighter x Tekken command list it lists "Owl's hunt" as one of his moves despite the fact that it's actually True Ogre's move. A noticeable ability introduced was also the fact that he has pyrokinesis as some of his kicks and attacks have fire in them.


Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-fight Win-quote
(So begins the slaughter.) (As a boss) (Robot...) (Vs Alisa)
(Osaka...) (Vs Asuka)
(Perfect...) (Vs Bob)
(Ferocity...) (Vs Bryan)
(Missing person...) (Vs Christie)
(King of Iron Fist...) (Vs Heihachi)
(Scrappy...) (Vs Hwoarang)
(Machine...) (Vs JACK-X)
(Blood...) (Vs Jin)
(Conservation...) (Vs Julia)
(Heartless...) (Vs Kazuya)
(Jaguar...) (Vs King)
(Bear...) (Vs Kuma)
(Rebellion...) (Vs Lars)
(Dragon...) (Vs Law)
(Super Police...) (Vs Lei)
(Rich...) (Vs Lili)
(Powerful...) (Vs Marduk)
(Assassin...) (Vs Nina)
(Ogre...) (Vs himself)
(Universe...) (Vs Paul)
(Modern ninja...) (Vs Raven)
(Guts...) (Vs Steve)
(Energetic...) (Vs Xiaoyu)
(Manji clan...) (Vs Yoshimitsu)

Character Relationships