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Name Unknown
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
Voiced By Mamiko Noto (TTT2, PXZ2)
Fighting Style Mimicry (TTT)
Kazama style self defense and demon power (TTT2)
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height 5' 5" (TTT)
5' 7" (TTT2)
Weight Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Ogre/True Ogre, and Wolf Demon


Unknown (アンノウン Announ) was introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament as the final boss. Originally intended to be the sister of Jun Kazama in early concept stages of the game, this idea was dropped and she simply became "Unknown". Her mysterious background is expanded upon in 2012's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 where she makes her return once again as the final boss. Defeating Jun in the first round of the Final Stage causes her to morph into Unknown for the second round.

Unknown appears to be an Asian woman with glowing yellow eyes and purple slime coating her otherwise naked body. In the original Tekken Tag Tournament Unknown has a Wolf Spirit accompany her in battle. It mimics every move and action she makes giving the impression that it is controlling her body. She retains the same appearance for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 though the Wolf Spirit is mysteriously absent though defeating her in this incarnation would cause multiple wolf spirits to attack her.

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In the original Tekken Tag Tournament Unknown has the ability to copy all of the other characters' abilities (except Jack(s)), and the player can switch fighting styles by simply pressing down on the Right analog stick. Interestingly, she starts with the fighting style of Jun Kazama at the onset of every battle. Unknown and the Wolf Spirit aren't actually a tag team per se, as one cannot be switched out for the other. The Wolf Spirit actually possesses Unknown to "even out" this disadvantage, while playing against her, she has the ability to regenerate lost health that is still red in her health bar, a trait normally attributed only to characters who are tagged out. Furthermore, Unknown is not knocked out until even the red bits of her health bar has been fully depleted (these traits do not carry over if a player plays as her).

In fact, many fans speculated over the few clues to her identity. Unknown also appears in Ogre's Tekken Tag Tournament ending. In this ending, Ogre has defeated Jin Kazama, and he is about to consume Jin's soul. However, Unknown interrupts him, and it is implied that the two engage in a fight. Unknown is seen without the Wolf Demon. Her apparent independent and selfless intervention on the behalf of Jin furthers suspicions that she is Jin's lost mother Jun Kazama. However, another reason for Unknown to interrupt Ogre since she was originally planned to be Jun's younger sister, and that she is fighting Ogre here to try and avenge Jun, her "dead" sister.

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Tekken Tag Tournament

Gallery - Outfit

Unknown's intro
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: Unknown VS Unknown.


During gameplay, Unknown mimics the fighting style of the other Tekken characters, just like Mokujin, Tetsujin and Combot. However there are some differences with her style of mimicry, the most prominent one being the fact she does not need to be tagged out to change fighting style. Unlike Mokujin and Tetsujin who have to be tagged out and in again in order to mimic a different fighting style, Unknown can mimic a different fighting style by pressing down the R3 button (right analog stick). The new style she will mimic is chosen at random. Unknown is unable to mimic the fighting styles of some certain characters that Mokujin and Tetsujin are able to mimic, such as the fighting styles of Prototype Jack, Jack-2, and Gun Jack. If Tetsujin or Mokujin is the character first tagged in in a battle, the fighting style they mimic will be chosen at random, while Unknown will always start off by mimicking the fighting style of Jun Kazama. Similarly, while Tetsujin's and Mokujin's win animations are those of the character they last mimicked, Unknown's win animations will always be those of the character she previously mimicked apart from when she is swapped out, where she will have Jun's animations. Also she has Jun's win animation in Tekken Bowl.


Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
A closeup of one of Unknown's eyes is shown. She blinks once and the demonic yellow glow disappears from her eyes, implying that she is no longer under the wolf-like spirit's control. A closeup of Unknown's face is shown. She is breathing heavily. The wolf-like creature appears behind her. He attempts to knock her out with a single punch, but Unknown senses his presence and dodges the attack. The wolf-like creature smashes through a part of a pillar instead of hitting her. Unknown retaliates with a punch of her own. It connects, but her hand gets stuck in the wolf-like creature's stomach. She tries to free her hand, but the wolf-like creature absorbs her body before she can do that. After the wolf-like creature absorbs her body, he gains two legs, which he previously lacked. A few seconds later, Unknown begins to defeat the wolf-like creature from the inside. Unknown manages to break free from the wolf-like creature's body, supposedly killing him in the process. She lands on the ground and on her stomach. After a few seconds, Unknown gets up off of the ground slightly and smiles.


  • Unlike Mokujin/Tetsujin, Unknown does not have to tag out in order to switch her fighting style. This can be done by simply pushing down R3 (right analog stick).
  • Unknown can mimic many of the other fighters' styles, but shares fellow mimics Mokujin and Tetsujin's limitations of being unable to mimic Devil/Angel, Roger/Alex, Ogre, or True Ogre, nor can she mimic Prototype Jack, Jack-2, Gun Jack, Ganryu, or Kuma/Panda.
  • A normal fight against Unknown is only one round even if the default settings are used, but because of this, the player must also deplete the potential health she would have been able to recover, had she been tagged out by a partner.
  • Unknown has a mark on her right arm that resembles the mark Jin Kazama has on his left arm.
  • Unknown is the only character in Tekken Tag Tournament to have an actual movie as her ending, in place of a scene acted out by in-game animations.
  • If Unknown is mimicking Kazuya Mishima's fighting style and has Devil as a partner, Unknown will transform into Devil instead of tagging out normally.
  • Unknown's Stage 7 sub-boss is Heihachi Mishima.
  • Beating Arcade Mode with every other character results in the game showing recaps of how they won each match, followed by the credits rolling, and then their ending is shown. With Unknown, the game goes right to her ending immediately after the last stage, skipping over the match recaps entirely while the credits follow her ending.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Gallery - Outfit

Unknown's CG
Unknown vs Jin


Unknown makes her return to the Tekken series in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where she serves as the second half of the game's final boss, the other being Jun Kazama. After Jun is defeated in the first half, she will morph into Unknown for the second half. Instead of mimicking other character's, she only has Jun's moveset, but with added attacks, such as attacking using the purple slime on her stage's floor and summoning a giant hand (reminiscent of Azazel) that takes away all, but a single hit point of character in a team, and forces the character's partner to go in. On a solo character, it will take nearly half of the character's life and forces them to tag in like a wall is behind them. When she became a playable character, she still retained her new powers, however, they have received major nerfs in damage in order to allow her to be a viable character.

Story (From Wii U Edition)

Nothing at all is known about this mysterious fighter[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

Unknown is shown sinking in a murky substance, possibly the goo on the floor of Fallen Garden. Suddenly, Angel appears and stretches her hand out to Unknown, gently grabbing her hand. Unknown is then overcome with a bright glow as she continues to sink, and the purple goo covering her body then disappears, as does the Devil tattoo on her arm. She then disappears into the darkness. [1]


  • As well as the final boss, she is also available as a character unlocked by Namco on the 13th November 2012, just over two months after the game's official release.
  • She no longer fights with the wolf demon at her side. Instead, however, if she is defeated various wolf spirits attack her and render her unconscious.
  • When she is defeated and the credits roll she is seen in her stage, Fallen Garden unconscious and the level of the stage's purple goo continues to rise however we see a smile on Unknown's face before she is completely covered with the goo.
  • Appears in the endings of Jin, Devil Jin and Kazuya.
  • As a playable character, her 'boss' moves have been greatly toned down, no longer taking huge chunks of health away from your opponent.
  • She has a special win pose with Ogre, where the two stare at each other the same way in Ogre's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • She has a special tag throw with Jun, where she will create a wall and slam the opponent to the wall. She then transforms into Jun, and Jun breaks through the wall while attacking the opponent.
  • She and Tiger are the only characters to not have any items in the customize option. (Both can still have auras, panels changed etc.)

Project X Zone 2


Unknown appears as a rival character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2.


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Family Tree

Jinpachi Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Kazumi Mishima / Devil Kazumi
Lars Alexandersson
Lee Chaolan / Violet
Kazuya Mishima / Devil
Jun Kazama / Unknown
Asuka's father
Jin Kazama / Devil Jin
Asuka Kazama
  • Unknown was originally conceptualized as Jun's sister, but this was dropped as a main story element when the game became non-canonical. Before this was revealed in the Tekken 6 Art Book, many fans suspected that she was Jun Kazama due to the similarity in appearance, despite the remaining information proving otherwise. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 if Jun is defeated by the player she will turn into Unknown.

Character Relationships

Important Notice! Because the character has been made non-canonical, none of the relationships apply to the canon story of the Tekken series