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Origin Violet Systems Co., Ltd.
Voiced By Souichiro Hoshi
Fighting Style Mimics other styles at random;

Still learning [1]

Age 1 year (T4)
Blood Type Oil
Height 5' 9"
Weight 254 lbs
Occupation Hand-to-hand combat (used to do house hold tasks)
Hobby Mimicry
Likes Fighting, Winning, and Lee Chaolan/Violet
Dislikes Failing and being defeated


Like Tetsujin in the Tag Tournament, Combot (コンボット Konbotto) acted as a replacement for Mokujin (gameplay-wise) in Tekken 4. Unlike Mokujin, however, Combot did not assume the fighting style of a different fighter every round. Instead, a randomly chosen fighting style lasted for an entire match. This change was not popular among fans, and Mokujin was reinstated in Tekken 5, along with his original style of random selection from Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament.

Combot returned in the game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a playable character in the new mode, Fight Lab. In this mode, the character follows instructions in order to better understand the complexities of the game.

Games in order of appearance:


Tekken 4[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Tekken 4 Combot.
Tekken 4 screenshot: Combot VS Combot


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Prologue (In-Game Text)
Combot is a general-purpose humanoid robot that Lee Chaolan entered in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 as a part of his scheme to win. Chaolan entered the tournament himself using an alias, Violet. Combot is unlike any other humanoid robots developed to date. Besides its default set of motor functions, a powerful learning AI function enables it to mimic perfectly any human motion captured on its mocap sensor arrays. With this ability, Combot is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications from childcare, housekeeping, service industries, and even military duty. However, this Combot is a unique version customized for hand-to-hand combat. In fact, its development was rushed so that it could be finished in time for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Lee Chaolan’s plan was to have Combot memorize a variety of fighting styles as it progressed through the tournament. His ultimate goal was to create the most powerful hand-to-hand combat weapon in the world and win the Mishima Zaibatsu at the same time. Unfortunately, the development team did not have sufficient time to debug Combot. As a result, a few bugs remained in its memory subsystems when the Tournament started. These bugs prevent Combot from mimicking more than one person’s moves each time it is powered up.
Ending, "Combot Fin" (Unofficial Synopsis)
The words "Combot wins" are shown on the screen as the crowd yells in excitement. The fence around the arena goes down. As Combot takes in the applause and excitement from the crowd, Lee comes in and congratulates Combot. He then states that the world is his for the taking as he walks over to give Combot a hug. Combot eyes flash; he grabs Lee, and instead of hugging him, Combot spanks Lee and throws him somewhere. The crowd continues to cheer as Combot does a couple of poses before the end.


  • In the Tekken 4 mini-game "Tekken Force," Combot is the boss for the first stage, the "Laboratory."
  • In Tekken 4 Combot also is Lee's final boss (also Violet's, but he is changed to Lee when fighting Combot) and is fought in Stage 9.
  • Combot is unlocked after beating the game nine times, or as soon as you complete Story Mode with Violet.
  • Like Mokujin before him, Combot will adapt a sword when mimicking Yoshimitsu.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

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TTT2 Character Portrait
Combot vs Jack-6


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Combot is a general-purpose humanoid robot created by Violet Systems. Due to it's powerful learning AI function, Combot is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications from childcare, housekeeping, and even military duty. Violet entered Combot in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to publicize their new technology, but the plan backfired when it malfunctioned on stage. After embarrassing himself in front of the public, Violet swore to take revenge with the latest model Combot, Super Combot DX, created using Violet System's full resources. [2]

(From Wii U Edition)

A multi-purpose humanoid robot created by Violet Systems. Equipped with an advanced learning system, Combot was designed to cover a wide variety of tasks--from childcare to household chores, to military warfare. Hearing that the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 was going to be held, Violet entered Combot in the event, hoping for a chance for good publicity. Unfortunately, Combot ended up malfunctioning during the tournament, Violet set about creating Super Combot, using all of Violet System's resources to fit his new creation with the latest and greatest in technology[1].

Ending Combot begins walking out of the arena. He wobbles around and walks through alleyways and roads. Later he finally comes across an area that destroys cars (through punching them). Later as he approaches the fence his arm falls off and the rest of Combot's body breaks apart. Lee later arrives in time to see Combot's computer shut down leaving him in despair.


  • Combot is the first character with a customizable move set. In trailers for the Fight Lab, he has been using moves found in command lists of other characters.
  • Combot now adapts wings and/or a tail if he equips a certain move from Ancient Ogre, Devil Jin, Angel, Roger Jr., or Alex.
  • Combot's primary win animation is one used by Lee Chaolan in Tekkens 1 - 4. After completing a Fight Lab stage, he will also occasionally use Kazuya's "Hell Lancer, Glorious Demon God Fist" win animation.
  • Combot has a special winpose with Alisa Bosconovitch where he attempts to mimic her poses, but fails when she removes her head.
  • Combot has a special winpose with Lee Chaolan where he proudly stands in front of Lee, who smiles with a thumbs up.

Fight Lab

  • This fight mode in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features Combot learning the basics of fighting.
  • The story is that Violet Systems created an ultimate fighting machine. Instead of saving the new amazing operating system, Violet, not watching what he is doing, deletes it. Violet now has to start from scratch with the old Combot.
  • Through this interactive tutorial, you can learn the basics of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and by earning Development Points in the stages, you can customize Combot's AI with a variety of moves from Ogre to Alisa.
  • In the end of the Fight Lab story, Combot can utilize up to four different sets of moves in the Combot Memory menu.


Character Trivia[edit]

  • The second Combot was created in Lee Chaolan's Tekken 4 ending. During a combat experiment against Heihachi Mishima, the second Combot unleashed a fifty-hit combination. Lee's secretary remarks, "Heihachi was completely helpless at that moment."
  • Combot can make metal sounds when hit by holding 'down' while the battle is loading just like Mokujin can make a wooden sound with the same method.
  • In Combot's Tekken 4 ending, the people in the crowd were shouting "Combo Bot" instead of "Combot", though this is most likely due to Japanese pronunciation.
  • Combot is the first character to announce it's own name when selected, though this only occurred in Tekken 4.
  • Combot is one of two characters in the series to be replaced by the fighter he was the successor to, other being Forest Law.
  • Though never referred to by name, Combot is alluded to by some characters in Tekken 6's "Scenario Campaign" mode at the start of Lee's stage, "Violet Systems". The ones that remember it were all present in Tekken 4.

Character Relationships[edit]