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Richard's Wife

Origin United-Kingdom.png United Kingdom
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Age Unknown
Occupation Aikido champion
Appearances None
Mentioned in Tekken (1)

Richard's Wife is a non-playable character in the Tekken series, only mentioned in the Tekken 1 profiles for Nina and Anna Williams as world champion martial artist who taught them Aikido.

As her husband Richard favored Nina over Anna, it would have made sense that the relationship between herself and Anna was stronger than her relationship with Nina due to the extra time she would probably have spent with Anna while Richard was doting over Nina. Both Nina and Anna throughout the series have interpreted their mothers Aikido teachings differently. It can be assumed that Anna leans more towards her mother's teachings while Nina leans more towards her father's.

Whether she is dead or alive is unknown, and it is unknown what she looked like. However, as Anna shares the same hair color as her father, she may have blonde hair like Nina, though Death By Degrees in a canon game.

Character Relationships[edit]