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Bonner - Tekken 2010 Film.jpg
Origin United-States.png USA
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Age Unknown
Occupation Resistance leader, hacker
Appearances Tekken (2010 Film)
Mentioned in None

Bonner is a minor character who makes his sole appearance in the live-action Tekken movie, played by actor John Pyper-Ferguson. Loathing how the Tekken corporation controls everything, down to setting a curfew on patrolling the streets, he heads a small organization of people in rebellion against them. Due to him being the only one able to get through the gang zones unscathed, Jin Kazama frequently does runs for him, smuggling various pieces of technology into his warehouse (Sector 197742-C7-443 in The Anvil) in exchange for money. The latest piece that Jin brings in, Bonner plans to use to create a "secret internet, new underground, off the Tekken subgrid". This plan later backfires on him, as during an attempt to hack into the Tekken video subgrid in order to declare "the truth" to the public, Kazuya Mishima tracks him down and breaks into his warehouse, backed by Jackhammers. Kazuya retrieves Bonner's newly-acquired device, revealing it to be Tekken hardware. Lashing out, Bonner grabs his gun and aims it at Kazuya, who quickly answers by grabbing and twisting his arm, then kicking him to the floor. Kazuya then takes Bonner's weapon and aims it at his forehead, declaring "The revolution will not be televised." before shooting him.

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