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Name Miharu Hirano
Origin Japan3.png Japan
Voiced By Eriko Fujimaki (T4-TTT2)
Fighting Style Hakke Sho and Hika Ken -based and Various Chinese martial arts (similar to Ling Xiaoyu)
Age 18 (T4)
Blood Type B
Height 157 cm (5' 1")
Weight 42 kg (92 lbs)
Occupation Student
Hobby Hanging out with her best friend
Likes Having fun
Ling Xiaoyu
Jin Kazama
Alisa Bosconovitch
Dislikes College entrance exams


Miharu Hirano (平野 美晴 Hirano Miharu) made her first appearance in Tekken 4 as an alternate "costume" for Ling Xiaoyu. Miharu later reappears in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a character separate to Xiaoyu, no longer being an alternate costume. She is Xiaoyu's best friend and fellow schoolmate at Mishima High School.

She is Japanese with short, auburn hair and brown eyes. Additionally, she also practices the same martial arts moves as her best friend. One could note that they train together (it is possible that Xiaoyu taught Miharu simply because she is her best friend). Like Jin Kazama, Miharu also calls Ling "Xiao" as a nickname.

Games in order of appearance

Other appearances:

*not playable


Tekken 4

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Miharu Hirano, Tekken 4
Miharu Hirano official CGI art, Tekken 4
Miharu Hirano, Tekken 4 gameplay.


Miharu appears as a palette-swap for Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken 4, sharing the same prologue and epilogue. However, due to a bug in the coding, Ling Xiaoyu players prefer Miharu, as she has a slight advantage in terms of fighting.


Epilogue (In-Game Text)
Xiaoyu defeated Heihachi. No one foresaw this outcome. Soon thereafter, Xiaoyu learned of Heihachi's many evil deeds. He was clearly guilty of supporting the raid on G Corporation. The evil nature of the Mishima Zaibatsu was finally revealed.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Ling Xiaoyu won the tournament and took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. Miharu Hirano visits Xiaoyu in her new office, and lightly scolds her for looking like she does nothing. Xiaoyu casually asks her friend how she did in her college entrance exams, and Miharu confesses that she has flunked all of it. Wanting to help her friend, Xiaoyu offers her a job, stating that from now on, she is going to make her own dreams come true.
She tells Miharu that she saw Jin Kazama after the tournament. He told her that if she has a dream that she wants to come true, she should make it happen herself. Miharu lightly teases her, and recognizes the change in Xiaoyu, who used to depend on everybody else. Miharu agrees on working together, and asks her friend what her dream is.
Xiaoyu points outside, to her very own amusement park, which she wants Miharu and her to build together (This ending is not canon).


  • After completing Xiaoyu's story mode, Miharu is selectable by pressing O. Unfortunately, Miharu cannot fight herself. Instead, if another player attempts to select Miharu, they will get Xiaoyu in her school uniform instead.

Spin-offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Gallery - Outfit

Miharu Hirano's CGI
Miharu fighting Alisa

Miharu will be featured as a DLC character in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Miharu's moveset differs from Ling's in the sense that Miharu shows less experience in fighting. Occasionally, Miharu will collapse with moves that Ling could normally do and land properly on her own. Additionally, Miharu retains moves that her friend has "forgotten" throughout Tekken 4-6.

Story (From Wii U Edition)

A cheerful and laidback hight school girl. She's best friends with her classmate from Mishima Polytechnic, Ling Xiaoyu, and the two hang out often together. It's never boring as she follows Xiaoyu around with her wild antics[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

Miharu, Xiaoyu, Panda and Alisa are all walking down a street, heading towards an amusement park. Miharu and Xiaoyu have a discussion on when they last went to an amusement park and Xiaoyu doesn't appear to remember it. Alisa remarks to Panda that the two seem very close. The four then arrive outside the amusement park and Alisa receives an advertisement off a man. She excitedly shows it to the others; it offers to pay people to partake in filming nearby. The group accept the offer. Suddenly, a commotion occurs nearby and Alisa and Panda go to check it out. Xiaoyu then tells Miharu she remembers the last time the went to the park but it was when Miharu broke up with her boyfriend and she didn't say in case it upset Miharu. The actors nearby then start applauding and celebrating as Miharu takes a picture with Xiaoyu. [1]


  • She appears in the endings of Xiaoyu, Alisa, Panda & Kuma.
  • This game marks the first game Miharu appears not as a pallete swap.
  • The advertisement in her ending is the same one that appears in Lili's ending.
  • Her item move has her push down the opponent, but before the opponent lands on the ground, Miharu will pull out her cellphone and take a picture of both her and the opponent.
  • She has a special win pose with Xiaoyu where they both jump and clap each others' hands before walking off in a direction chattering with each other.
  • She has special win poses with either Panda, Kuma, Roger Jr. or Alex where she jumps up and down clapping while either animal will dance.


Character Trivia

  • Miharu's name is written as 平野 美晴 (Hirano Miharu) in Kanji and ひらの みはる (Hirano Miharu) in Hiragana.
  • Her name translates to (平 hira) flat; (野 no) field; (美 mi) beauty; (晴 haru) radiant.
  • "Miharu" by itself means to be "amazed" or "surprised" in Japanese.
  • One of Asuka Kazama's ghost data (1st-Dan) in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is called "Miharu Hirano".
  • Ling Xiaoyu can be customized to look like Miharu in Tekken 6.
  • Miharu makes a cameo in Xiaoyu's Street Fighter X Tekken artwork picture ([2]).

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