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Ripper - Model 1 - Death by Degrees.jpg
The basic Ripper model.
Origin Varied
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Age Varied
Occupation Amphitrite Guards
Solitaria Penitentiary guards (Anna Mode only)
Appearances Death by Degrees

Rippers are enemies that are found in Death by Degrees. They are cyborg soldiers that are both hard-hitting and resilient. The game's protagonist, Nina Williams, first comes in contact with them when she reboards The Amphitrite after she and Alan leave the Solitaria Penitentiary. The standard model fights using cybernetically enhanced punches and kicks, while others make use of the Ripper Blades they are armed with. The third form, perhaps the most powerful, comes equipped with flamethrowers and cannons built into both their arms.

One of the largest groups of Rippers, 21 in total, can be found at the ship's heliport, surrounding a Ripper Blade on the ground. Picking up the weapon will initiate a fight with all of them (only three will be active at any given time). When the last wave of Rippers is defeated, one will drop a Kometa emblem, a fingerprint scan revealing the owner as Karim Rashad.

It is heavily implied they are made from the men that Nina defeats her first time onboard The Amphitrite, and venturing further into the ship, she finds an operating room with Rippers in varying forms lying on operating tables. Another implication is that they are forced into these experiments against their will, evidenced by the finding of one Salvador Gomez, restrained and drugged before his death. This place also serves as a morgue, with the bodies of four Kometa executives stowed away in here (Graham Milton, Yuri Gogniyev, Vincent Brechet, and Klaus Dijkstra).

Presumably, with the detonation of The Amphitrite at the end of the game, all Rippers were destroyed along with it.



  • Rippers can only be knocked off their feet by either hitting them with a Critical Strike or entirely depleting their health bars.
  • Before encountering them, the melee weapon used by The Rippers can first be found at Solitaria Penitentiary, locked inside a crate in Doctor Bosconovitch's laboratory.
  • Rippers also appear in Anna Mode, where ten of them are spread out into three different groups at Solitaria Penitentiary.