Claudio Serafino

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Name Claudio Serafino
Origin Italy.png Italy[1]
Voiced By Unknown
Fighting Style Sirius Styled Purification Sorcery[2]
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Leader of the Sirius Marksmen(T7)
Hobby Unknown
Likes The Sirius Marksmen
Dislikes The Mishima Zaibatsu


Claudio Serafino (クラウディオ・セラフィーノ Kuraudio Serafino) is the second new playable character in Tekken 7 spotted at the Tekken 7 Location Test which was held in Tokyo and Osaka from October 3 to 5, 2014[3]. He also can utilize his powers to conjure energy during the fight, even creating an arrow of energy for his rage art.[4].

Games in order of appearance:


Tekken 7

Gallery - Outfit

Claudio's CG-art in Tekken 7


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Story (Official Website)

The Sirius Marksmen, a secret society of exorcists, has exerted a profound influence on European history for hundreds of years. The most powerful exorcist of the current generation is Claudio, who was visiting the Mishima Zaibatsu as their groups join forces to subdue a certain evil.

After sharing information on the targets, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, Claudio left the control room only to be confronted by a young girl. He was about to call the guards when she demanded to be taken to Jin. A plan sprung to Claudio's mind.

He led her to the roof, and with a grin prepared to face her in combat.


With an unconscious Xiaoyu, Claudio accepts her request, declaring that she will be perfect bait for his real target.

The Mishima Saga

Claudio appears shortly after Heihachi retakes the Zaibatsu and announces the seventh King of Iron Fist Tournament. With his subordinates defeated by Nina and Heihachi, Claudio personally intervenes to assert his denial of Heihachi's invitations to work together. After being defeated by Heihachi, Claudio is told that they share the same purpose and that the Mishima Zaibatsu is also aiming to defeat the "devil". Providing his network system to the Zaibatsu, Claudio notes a report of something inhuman being spotted in the Far East. Upon initial conclusions, Heihachi believes that this thing is the missing Jin Kazama, but footage is later revealed of a weakened Jin being rescued by Lars Alexandersson at the Middle East. With Jin out of the picture, Claudio wonders what exactly was the inhuman being that was reported.

After leaking footage of Devil Kazuya to the public, Claudio is relieved of service by Heihachi after fulfilling his purpose to the Zaibatsu.


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Character Trivia

  • According to Harada: Claudio's black tattoo will become visible only when Claudio uses his powers.
  • His surname, Serafino, originates from the word, "Seraph", the highest of angelic beings in Christian culture.


Tekken 7

Pre-fight Win-quote
This is no place for amateurs
This is going to be easy
You're wasting my time. Get out of here.

Character Relationships

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