Lukas Hayes

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Lukas Hayes
Lukas Hayes.jpg
Lukas Hayes in Death by Degrees.
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
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Age 30
Occupation Scientist
Appearances Death by Degrees

Lukas Hayes is a character in Death by Degrees. He is a scientist who was employed by Kometa as Salacia's project manager. Lukas did not intentionally desire to have Salacia being used as a weapon of destruction, but to use it as a viable alternative for current energy sources such as fossil fuels.

He resents Doctor Boskonovitch for getting all of the attention and for being shut down. He takes Type J, a creation of Boskonovitch's that Boskonovitch left behind, to help with his plans of making the people that shut him down pay. Lukas also stores the computer that controls the Salacia satellite inside of it.

During the levels at the Solitaria Penitentiary, Nina Williams, the game's protagonist, must protect Lukas from enemies. Lukas is nearly killed at certain times during the game. During one point, Anna Williams, one of the antagonists of the game, kicks him, and he lands on an old bridge, which he falls through. After Nina defeats Anna, however, it is revealed that Lukas got caught in some ropes that saved his life.

Afterwards, Anna, who was knocked beneath the bridge by Type J, another antagonist of the game, lands on him. They fall to the ground, and they land on sandbags. Anna runs away. Lukas becomes the Type J's new target (the original targets were Nina and Anna fighting on the old bridge). Nina must guide him through tunnels and away from Type J, which she successfully does. Lukas thanks her for saving his life afterwards.

However, after Lukas manages to escape from Enrique Ortega, he meets Lana Lei and one of her henchmen. Lana's henchman shoots Lukas in the leg. Afterwards, Edgar Grant proceeds to slit Lukas' throat with a hatchet, as shown by the prints left upon said item. Lukas is left hanging at the Solitaria Penitentiary. A defibrillator is in his locker at the "Pen. Experiment Pool" room of the Solitaria Penitentiary.

Character Relationships[edit]

  • Is almost killed by Anna Williams when she kicks him through an old bridge, but he gets caught in ropes below it, preventing his fall.
  • Type J attempts to kill him, but he manages to evade it with Nina Williams' help.
  • Killed by Edgar Grant.