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Salacia is the name of a satellite in the Tekken spin-off game, Death by Degrees. It is capable of emitting radiation towards the Earth. It was developed by Lukas Hayes, a scientist working for Kometa. It is used as a weapon of mass destruction, although Lukas' true intentions were to control the methane hydrate that lies dormant at the bottom of the ocean and to use it as an alternative to other energy sources, such as fossil fuels, but it quickly became a weapon of warfare. Upon discovering Kometa's use of Salacia, Lukas betrayed Kometa and broadcasted thirty seconds of footage of it being used to cause a ship to sink to the bottom of the ocean on the Internet. In the game's events, Salacia is used to "target" microbacteria that give off heat when exposed to certain forms of radiation. These bacteria start to turn the crystalized methane hydrate that lies dormant at the bottom of the ocean to its gaseous form. This would then rapidly destroy the ozone layer and allow the polar ice caps to melt, causing a massive flood and destroying all the ecosystems of the planet. However, before Salacia is used to do this by Lana Lei, Nina prevents it and causes Salacia to detonate, thus destroying it and preventing further use of it. Earlier on in the game, Enrique Ortega forced Lukas to use Salacia to destroy a helicopter and a ship.


  • The satellite's name is a reference to the name of Neptune's consort in Roman mythology, Salacia.