Enrique Ortega

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Enrique Ortega
Enrique Ortega.jpg
Enrique Ortega in Death by Degrees.
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
Voiced By Steve Blum
Age 35
Occupation Kometa Executive
Appearances Death by Degrees.

Enrique Ortega is an antagonist and a Kometa executive in Death by Degrees. Enrique appears to be trilingual, as he speaks English most of the time, Spanish (usually phrases such as "Que lástima" meaning "What a pity"), and Japanese as he has a conversation with Heihachi Mishima as they both appear to understand each other.

Enrique takes Lukas Hayes hostage for Nina to rescue. During Nina's first fight with Enrique, she must also fight the Type J robot. Enrique uses a katana that he carries around with him for the first fight along with a revolver, but when they fight for the second time, Enrique uses two daggers instead (and two concealed blades under the sole of his shoes). Enrique is killed after being defeated by Nina Williams at the Solitaria Penitentiary, which she immediately leaves after.

In Nina's third fight with Lana Lei, she has multiple hallucinations of Enrique attacking her.

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