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Name Kazumi Mishima
Origin Japan3.png Japan
Voiced By Yumi Hara[1]
Fighting Style Hachijou-Style Karate mixed with Mishima-Style Karate
Age Unknown (Presumably at her mid-late 60's)
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Likes Her husband
Her son
Her pet tiger
Dislikes Unknown


Kazumi Mishima is the wife of Heihachi Mishima and mother of Kazuya Mishima. Prior to Tekken 7, she was not mentioned throughout the series except in Tekken 2's musical score, leading many fans to speculate what happened to her. Though she physically appeared in Tekken: The Motion Picture, she made her video game debut in Tekken 7.

Harada stated that Kazuya was not the first Mishima family member to make contact with Devil[2], and that Kazuya and Jin believe it started with Jinpachi[3] but only Heihachi really knows who it was[4]. Harada also pointed out that neither Jinpachi, Heihachi nor Lars possess the Devil-gene[5]. This may hint towards Kazumi being the first to have the Devil gene and would explain why Jinpachi, Heihachi, and Lars do not possess it yet both Kazuya and Jin do. It is soon revealed in the trailer of Tekken 7 in the San Diego Comic Con of 2014 that she does indeed have the Devil Gene.

During a trailer for Tekken 7, Kazuya mentions that Heihachi was the one who killed Kazumi before the events of the first game. Later a full version was released during the San Diego Comic Con. The trailer shows a conversation between her and an unknown figure several decades prior to the events of Tekken 7. Kazumi states that she must stop Heihachi as he knows that Kazuya, though young, was born with her powers and that there's no telling what Heihachi would do to Kazuya and others. She then furthers this by stating that if she is killed in the process, Kazuya must perform the act himself. She then notes that she doesn't have complete control of her powers; Regardless, she will still push through with the effort, even if it kills her. Despite saying all of these, she remarks that she still loves Heihachi and that he still loves her. In the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015, the mysterious figure's identity is revealed to be Akuma, and her request to Akuma is expanded; as she also asks him to kill Kazuya as well, as he shares the same fate as Heihachi.

Her initial design was done by Mari Shimazaki.

Games in order of appearance:

* Her name in kanji appears on the floorboard of Tekken 2's Pagoda Temple stage.

Other Media:


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Tekken 7

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Kazumi's move set shows a unique fighting style but still utilizes "Mishima" moves such as their "Demon Slayer.".

Story (Official Website)

Kazumi Mishima, wife of Heihachi Mishima, is well versed in Hachijyo Karate. She was childhood friends with her husband Heihachi and eventually, they fell in love. Through their love, they birthed a healthy young boy. Fast forward a few years later, Heihachi would become the head of a huge organization called the Mishima Zaibatsu, with plans to conquer the world.

Kazumi loved Heihachi unconditionally but at the same time, he was beginning to feel dangerous. In this state, Heihachi threw the world into a war and Kazumi took it upon herself to stop him.

The Mishima Saga

Kazumi's passing is a key story point in The Mishima Saga, and her past is delved into more thoroughly. Joining Jinpachi's dojo, Kazumi devoted a countless amount of time training, becoming a rival of sorts with Mishima's son, Heihachi. The two became inseparable, and eventually got married. After their marriage, Kazuya was born, and Kazumi was noted to have been overjoyed and to dote on her son. On one fateful day, Kazumi fell ill after one of training regimens. On the next day, she recovered, but she had now developed a split personality, with one side being human and the other being unnatural.

Kazumi's odd behavior escalated until one day, she attacked Heihachi during his training with the intent of killing him. In self-defense, Heihachi incapacitated her. Getting up from her initial defeat, Kazumi attempted to attack again, only to be caught by the neck by Heihachi. Kazumi then warned Heihachi that would start a never-ending cycle of hatred if he killed her. In her final breath, she told Heihachi that if he loved her, he would release her. In rage, however, Heihachi declared that she is no longer his Kazumi, and crushed her neck, killing her.

After her death, Akuma, who was indebted to her after she saved his life, attempted to fulfill her wish and attacked both Heihachi and Kazuya.


  • Kazumi serves as the final boss of the game. Upon entering her stage, the player's character will notice lava erupting from one point at the volcano, and Kazumi emerges, riding her tiger to confront the character. In the first round, and any round she wins, she will fight as her normal self, however, once she is defeated, she will transform into her devil form, and fight the player. If she is beaten in a round as her regular self, she is seen kneeling, as surrounding lightning gets stronger, she gets up, and transforms into her devil form. She then conjures a fireball to hit the player's character. The fireball causes a portion of the stage to sink into the lava, forcing the player to leap on the stable part, when they land, Kazumi confronts them, and the fight begins.
  • Shortly after her playable reveal, Harada made a tweet about Kazumi, stating: "This is real Tiger Uppercut", jokingly comparing one of her moves to the Tiger Uppercut of Street Fighter's Sagat.

Other Media

Tekken: The Motion Picture

Gallery - Outfit

Kazumi Mishima holding Kazuya Mishima (as a baby) in Tekken: The Motion Picture

The wife of Heihachi Mishima and the mother of Kazuya Mishima. Not much is known about her. But from what is known she was a kind nurturer to Kazuya, as opposed to her husband Heihachi, who was cruel to him. Kazuya would inherit his mother's genes and grew up to be kind-hearted in his early years. But after Heihachi threw him off a cliff Kazuya sold his soul to the Devil, for his survival and revenge against his father, making him a shadow of his former self.

Kazumi Mishima appears in a picture in a locket, along with baby Kazuya.

Kazumi was most likely a nice and loving person. Her death is probably one of the main reasons why Heihachi threw Kazuya off a cliff.

Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge (2014 film)

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Heihachi reveals to Kazuya that the caused behind his amnesia and him being sold to the Minister was all part of his plan to rid Kazuya of his mother's "soft heart and weakness".

Family Tree

Jinpachi Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Kazumi Mishima / Devil Kazumi
Lars Alexandersson
Lee Chaolan / Violet
Kazuya Mishima / Devil
Jun Kazama / Unknown
Asuka's father
Jin Kazama / Devil Jin
Asuka Kazama



  • Kazumi is the series' second canonical female boss. Angel is the final boss in Tekken 2 if the player plays as Devil. Whilst Unknown and Jun Kazama were also bosses, they were non-canon.
  • Kazumi's name is written as 三島 一美 (Mishima Kazumi) in Kanji and as みしま かずみ in Hiragana.
  • Kazumi and Jun's sons (Kazuya and Jin, respectively) have names which are variants of their mothers' names.
  • Kazumi was stated to have died giving birth to Kazuya in The Motion Picture, even though there is a picture of her cradling him. However, the movie is non-canon and Tekken 7 reveals she was killed by Heihachi.
  • According to Harada, Kazumi's youthful looks stems from the fact that she was killed at a young age, and also due to the fact she isn't human.
  • Kazumi's voice actress, Yumi Hara, sings the credits for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.
  • Her tiger also has a name and was also killed by Heihachi. [1]
  • Her name translates to (一 kazu) one; (美 mi) beauty. The surname of all members of the Mishima family 三島 (Mishima) mean "third island".
  • Kazumi's maiden name is Hachijo prior to her marriage with Heihachi. Hachijo (八条) translates to (八 hachi) eight; (条 jō) article.

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